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Who We Help

entrepreneurial companies & their dreams for growth

At Clayton & McKervey, we focus exclusively on growth-driven, privately held companies. Many of our clients compete in the global marketplace whether based in the U.S. or abroad. Unlike other firms, we don’t work with not-for-profits, governmental or highly regulated industries. As a result, we’re more focused, and able to serve all of our clients better.


Manufacturers & Integrators

Working with privately held suppliers, Clayton & McKervey has decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. We understand the issues of both manufacturers and integrators and can bring value-added services to support business growth.

Wholesale Accounting - International CPA

Wholesalers & Distributors

We help owners of wholesale and distribution companies navigate the changes in technology, demographics or regulations by providing timely advice on complex tax laws, financial reporting and other topics so you can focus on your domestic or international business.

Professional Services Accounting - Detroit CPA

Professional Service Firms

Professional service providers experience issues much different from those who manufacture and sell products. The demands of managing people and juggling client engagements can take precious time away from watching the bottom line. We can help.

International Businesses

Over the past couple of decades, we have built a reputation as the go-to firm for international tax, accounting and consulting services. Whether your business is expanding to or from the US, we can consult with you on global tax and accounting impacts – large or small.