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Putting Culture into Action: How to Build Employee Engagement

Once your organization has a cultural framework in place, people need to know that it’s real. Meaningful actions that they can see and feel are essential to building lasting engagement. The kind of engagement we’re talking about goes beyond mere job satisfaction – it’s a willingness to invest discretionary effort in the mission of your organization.

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Insights from Washington: House Democrats Propose Tax Increases

To keep you informed on the latest tax negotiations from Washington, we will be issuing a weekly blog with the current news. Our first installment covers details of the proposed tax increases drafted by House Democrats and released on September 13. Here are some highlights from the summary.

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Historic Global Tax Reform on the Horizon

The G-20 international forum met in July to discuss plans to create a global minimum tax of 15%. The OECD has proposed a two pillar framework designed to address the needs of a global digital economy. Review the key aspects and potential impacts of this proposed tax reform.

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