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Clayton & McKervey is a full-service international and domestic public accounting firm specializing in tax, assurance, accounting and consulting services for closely-held growth-driven businesses like yours.

Vision & Mission

Clayton & McKervey is the firm where internationally minded businesses & talented professionals maximize their potential. We are proud to live by the following mission: Esprit de Corps, Thriving Clients & Happy People.

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Helping Clients Navigate Domestic and International Tax and Accounting Requirements

Everything we do is done for one reason: to help our clients succeed. We use our specialized knowledge to make the very most of their opportunities for growth. And, we keep an ear to the ground to keep up on new and emerging markets, service areas and industries yet to be developed. Our team rethinks conventional practices and uses technology to engage in expanding communities and operate without boundaries. The entire world provides inspiration for the greater good of all our clients.

Service Approach

The “&” in our company name has great meaning. It symbolizes our desire to bring something extra, unexpected and invaluable to the table. It means you’ll always get something more. We don’t consider our service approach as anything out of the ordinary. Here, going the extra mile is expected and routine.

Affiliations & Connections

We are extremely active in the local and international business community and can assist by making introductions to government officials, bankers, attorneys, payroll and other service providers. We are proud members of PrimeGlobal and Centuro Global, and involved in dozens of local, national, and international chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and industry associations. These relationships enable us to share relevant and valuable knowledge with our clients.

Communications & Technology

For us, priority number one is earning your trust. Clear communication is the key to earning it. For decades, we’ve been dedicated to helping our entrepreneurial, growth-driven clients succeed. The result is a client base that spans the globe. A critical element in our client relationships is building personal connections. We deliver the service you expect from us, and geography never gets in the way. To make our communication as easy and seamless as possible, we’ve invested significantly in technologies.

Experience & Management

Meet our leadership team, bringing extensive and practical tax, accounting and consulting experience to support entrepreneurs like you.

Our Story

We know you value stability. Since 1953, our award-winning firm has been helping business owners grow their business both here and abroad. We live by the mission of esprit de corps, thriving clients and happy people and the core values of performance, fun, a can-do attitude and a strong passion to help others succeed.

We are located just outside of Detroit, near an international border, and do business throughout the United States and globally. Throughout our history, we’ve helped companies establish a subsidiary or presence in the United States, and U.S. companies expand their businesses abroad. We support closely-held businesses in a range of industries including manufacturing & distribution, industrial automation, and architecture & engineering. In additional to the expected compliance-based accounting services, we specialize in transaction, digital advisory, private client, and client accounting services.

Culture of Inclusion

We recognize that we are a better organization as a result of the diverse range of backgrounds, influences, talents & expertise of those on our team. This foundation is the basis for excellent relationships with each other, our clients & community. By embracing our differences, we positively impact the growth of our firm, team & those we serve.

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CPA Firm Freqently Asked Questions

Choosing a CPA Firm For Your Business

Services Offered by a CPA Firm

Industries who Should Consider a CPA Firm

Working with International CPA Firms

Choosing a CPA Firm For Your Business

A CPA is a long-term key advisor so finding the right CPA firm for your business is essential. When evaluating CPA firms, it’s important to look at the services they offer and the industries they serve.

For example, Clayton & McKervey provides tax, accounting, assurance and consulting services for privately held growth-driven domestic and international businesses in the industrial automation, manufacturing & distribution and architecture & engineering sectors. Our focus ensures that our clients both here and abroad benefit from the most accurate and relevant information.

With more than 100,000 CPA firms nationwide, finding the right fit can be daunting. It’s important to avoid these six common mistakes when choosing a CPA firm:
  1. Choosing a CPA firm that isn’t well-versed in your industry. While there are standards in tax and accounting, finding a firm that offers expertise in your industry is an added benefit due to the shared knowledge base and experience.
  2. Choosing a CPA firm that only offers tax and accounting services. Compliance services are the cornerstone of any CPA firm, but businesses need more than the basics to thrive. Look for firms that offer consulting services in areas of high value to your industry and current need.
  3. Choosing a CPA firm that is too big to offer personal touchpoints. The accounting firm/client partnership relies on the highest levels of trust and communication. As such, look for a service provider that demonstrates accessibility and is personally vested in the progress of your thriving business.
  4. Choosing a CPA firm that isn’t responsive. CPA firms have thousands of clients, but the good ones know how crucial responsiveness is when a client has a question or concern.
  5. Choosing a CPA firm that isn’t familiar with the tax laws in your area. Your accounting partner must be committed to researching the laws in all the states where you do business. A state and local tax practice is an asset.
  6. Choosing a CPA firm that isn’t up-to-date on the latest legislation. Tax legislation can be confusing as bills work their way from concept to approval. Find a firm that follows ever-changing tax legislation so that you can be well-versed in pending impacts and possible solutions as they emerge.

When contacting a CPA firm, you can expect some basic qualifying questions to determine fit. These may include company size, industry and growth plans. Assuming that we are aligned, the process for getting started is pretty straightforward.

When working with Clayton & McKervey, you can expect a personal phone call from one of our advisors to learn more about your business and how we can help. We take the time to understand the specifics of your situation and listen to your needs. After our initial consultation you can expect to receive a custom proposal outlining our services followed by an introduction to our team. 

Services Offered by a CPA Firm

Full-service CPA firms typically offer tax planning and preparation, audit and assurance, and specialty or consulting services. Firms may also offer private client services, outsourced accounting, transaction services or even digital advisory and data analytics services. 

Clayton & McKervey assists privately held businesses and their owners in all these areas, with a focus on helping industrial automation, manufacturing & distribution, and architecture & engineering companies compete in the global marketplace.

CPA firms help businesses reach higher levels of profitability and operational efficiency by using in-depth technical and industry knowledge to maximize client opportunities for growth. CPA firms are also crucial to consider when exploring global or international expansion plans to help navigate international tax laws and accounting considerations to maximize profits and reduce liability. 
For businesses looking to better understand the drivers of business performance, a CPA firm should offer an array of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) support services. From At-a-Glance dashboards customized to your current system to helping you identify the best solution for your growing company, an experienced digital advisory team is able to help with company growth and expansion opportunities. 

For business owners considering a sale at any point in the future, look for a CPA firm with diverse transaction and private client service teams. Ours, for example, offers a range of services from estate planning and financial analysis to quality of earnings reports and financial due diligence. We surround both entity and owner with tools for success, whether a transaction is months or years away.

Industries who Should Consider a CPA Firm

Many industries can benefit from the services offered by a CPA firm. At Clayton & McKervey, we work closely with domestic and international industrial automation companies, manufacturers & distributors, and architecture & engineering firms. 

We help people in these industries understand how to drive growth and profitability. Through more than 60 years of experience, we have helped thousands of private companies thrive. With our disciplined focus in a handful of technical industries we can best serve our clients while delivering strategic, proactive, and trusted solutions.

Talking to bankers, lawyers, financial advisors and insurance providers is an effective way to learn more about CPA firms you may wish to engage with. These advisors often work together to provide the best level of support to entrepreneurial business owners.

The right CPA for you and your business should bring synergies with your current service providers, such as your lawyer, banker or insurance provider. The relationship and increased communication between your service team will ensure that your business receives a holistic and custom approach to the issues most impacting the bottom line.

Finding a CPA firm with a robust local and global network is a great recipe for success. We also recommend talking to other business owners when looking for CPA firm recommendations.

Working with International CPA Firms

Selecting the best international CPA firm for your industry is important. International businesses expanding into the U.S., whether manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, architects or engineers, face similar challenges. 

Operational considerations such as supply chain, vendor management and process or production optimization require close attention, as do human resources, sales and marketing. These priorities exist amid the backdrop of a new regulatory, tax and financial reporting environment requiring the experience-based guidance and direction of the best international CPA firm.

A CPA firm with deep international expertise will prove invaluable when addressing the compliance, structuring and planning considerations associated with establishing operations in the United States. 

For example, at Clayton & McKervey we’re proud members of PrimeGlobal and Centuro Global, and involved in dozens of local, national and international chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and industry associations. These relationships enable us to share relevant and valuable knowledge with our clients.

While many CPA firms may appear to offer similar international services, the right firm to guide your expansion plans into the U.S. will meet the following five criteria:

  1. Depth of Knowledge
  2. Language Skills
  3. Organizational Involvement
  4. Global Accounting Association
  5. Professional Network

Learn more here.

The right time to invest resources into choosing an international CPA firm is different for every business. If you need help establishing or expanding your business in the U.S. or abroad, we can help.

No matter what stage you’re in—planning, start-up, or growth—our international team provides high-touch foreign direct investment services in addition to international tax and accounting support so you can focus on growing your business. Our firm is known for its success in helping businesses throughout Europe and Asia establish a U.S. entity, and for helping U.S. businesses expand to other markets.

Whether you’re a well-established enterprise or just getting started, you’ll likely want help to understand the complexities of managing an international entity and guide you through the global marketplace. We help clients in the following areas:

  • Planning – Having the knowledge required to start your business in the U.S. correctly is extremely important. The decisions made now will set the course for the future. With our knowledge and experience helping companies enter the U.S. market, we can streamline the process of starting your business while avoiding costly surprises.
  • Start-Up – There are many details which must be considered thoroughly to make the execution of your U.S. expansion a success. In addition to providing accounting and tax services, our team takes on the role of an advisor. If there are gaps in your U.S. resources which need to be filled, we’ll help shore them up.
  • Growth – As your international business grows, accounting and tax needs change. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) team is skilled at anticipating these changes and accessing the firm’s full range of services. We can also help you successfully manage transition and tax-planning opportunities to capitalize on growth opportunities unique to your company.

Finding a CPA firm with a robust local and global network is a great recipe for success. Contact us if you’re looking for additional information, or would like to speak with an advisor.

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