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Tim Finerty

Tim Finerty


Tim provides tax, accounting and consulting support to help industrial automation companies maximize profitability.

What is your area of focus?

I provide high-level tax, accounting and consulting services to business owners of domestic closely-held companies and foreign-owned subsidiaries. As practice leader for our Industrial Automation sector, I am particularly attuned to the needs of system integrators, manufacturers and distributors; guiding many on their growth and strategic plans, including expansion to other states and countries with a focus on Mexico.

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

Since 2001

What is the favorite part about your job?

Providing value-added services that meet my clients’ needs.


  • Advice and counsel to entrepreneurial business owners
  • Research & Experimentation tax credits and IC-DISC analysis
  • Mexican & Latin American tax and accounting: entity structure, transfer pricing, exchange rates
  • Assurance services with focus on Financial Reporting Framework for Small and Mid-Sized Entities
  • Consultation for improving key financial indicators
  • Digital Transformation


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Michigan State University


  • Automation Alley, Board Member & International Business Advisory Council
  • Control Systems Integrators Association, Affinity Program
  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants, Manufacturing Task Force
  • Association for Advancing Automation
  • Pine Lake Country Club, Board Member

Tim 360°

If you had to choose a different job, what would it be?
A professional golfer

What’s your favorite movie line?
Show me the money!

If you could learn anything, what would it be?
How to fly an airplane

Articles by Tim Finerty

Industrial Automation: 5 Valuation Considerations

Business valuation concerns are just as important to industrial automation leaders as they are to owners in other big market sectors. Capital Valuation Group (a key Clayton & McKervey partner that focuses almost exclusively on business valuation consultation) recommends getting an early start and treating valuation like a routine investment check. We have collected some insights here on how to adopt that investor mentality and apply it to your business. 

by Tim Finerty

Putting Culture into Action: How to Build Employee Engagement

Once your organization has a cultural framework in place, people need to know that it’s real. Meaningful actions that they can see and feel are essential to building lasting engagement. The kind of engagement we’re talking about goes beyond mere job satisfaction – it’s a willingness to invest discretionary effort in the mission of your organization.

by Tim Finerty

Building a Foundation of Trust for Internal Communications

Learn about the role internal communications practices play in establishing a vibrant organizational culture. When you have processes like this in place, your cultural objectives have a better chance of success. In turn, this boosts engagement in a way that makes people want to invest discretionary effort in fulfilling your organization’s purpose.

by Tim Finerty

Leadership: The Key to a Thriving Company Culture

For any set of cultural beliefs and behaviors to become an authentic part of your company’s daily work experience, you need “culture champions” at every level of the organization. There’s no question that your team of champions must include front line workers, but studies confirm that middle and line managers are also essential catalysts for culture adoption.

by Tim Finerty

Retaining Top Talent in a Post-Pandemic World

Company culture plays a critical role in attracting and retaining top talent. Learn how the pandemic has changed work as we know it and what "coming back" to work looks like.

by Tim Finerty

Win the Talent Game with Culture

Attracting and retaining top talent in an increasingly competitive, post-COVID hiring market has become a hot topic for business leaders in many sectors, including those who specialize in industrial automation. Learn how company culture can have a positive impact.

by Tim Finerty

Creative Ways to Build Culture

As 2021 presses on, one thing that remains on everyone’s minds is talent. Tune into our upcoming live video event series to learn why culture is such an important piece of the talent puzzle, and how it can help your business thrive.

by Tim Finerty

The R&D Tax Credit: 280(c) Elections

In this sixth installment in our series on R&D tax credits, we take a closer look at 280(c) elections and summarize the potential tax benefits for qualifying business owners.

by Tim Finerty

by Bryan Powrozek

The R&D Tax Credit Four-Part Test

In this installment of our R&D tax credit series, we’ll take a closer look at the R&D tax credit four-part eligibility test. It turns out that the qualification bar is often lower than many business owners believe.

by Tim Finerty

by Bryan Powrozek

How to Claim R&D Tax Credits

One of the most persistent myths about the R&D tax credit is that the claim process is too complex to be worth it. While it does require extra supporting documentation, the backup you need can most often be found in routine business records you already keep. Let's take a look at how to claim the R&D credit.

by Tim Finerty

by Bryan Powrozek

How to Calculate R&D Tax Credits

Part three of our R&D tax credit series provides a quick overview of R&D tax credit calculation methods, including the RRC and ASC.

by Tim Finerty

What Expenses Qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

The R&D tax credit is one of the most overlooked opportunities to boost your bottom line. Many business owners fail to claim it under the mistaken belief that they’re not eligible. Let's review the types of expenses that qualify for an R&D tax credit.

by Tim Finerty

by Bryan Powrozek

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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