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Eric Lin

Eric Lin

Senior Manager, International Tax

Fluent in Mandarin and part of the firm's international group, Eric supports Chinese companies with their tax and accounting needs.

What is your area of focus?

Fluent in Mandarin, I work not only with Chinese companies but also with a variety of foreign inbound and outbound clients to ensure that foreign filings are in compliance.

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

Since 2014

What is the favorite part about your job?

I enjoy using my language skills and knowledge of the Chinese business community, along with the international community, to support clients’ tax and accounting needs.


  • Foreign reporting compliance for inbound companies
  • Tax treaties
  • Global structure reorganization


  • Master of Science in Accounting, Eastern Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Eastern Michigan University


  • Detroit Chinese Business Association
  • Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce
  • Michigan-China Innovation Center
  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants

Articles by Eric Lin

Don’t Overlook International Tax Compliance

Managing international operations, employees and contractors requires a high level of due diligence to ensure that all return filing and payments are completed before their deadlines. Adhering to all requirements and making certain that each calculation is accurate may require significant time, especially as we approach the end of the year. 

by Eric Lin

Global Businesses: Navigating US Tax Rules

The US has some of the most complicated tax rules around the world. Minimizing the global effective tax rate while remaining compliant is always the goal for companies doing business globally. Here are some of the easy-to-miss complexities in US tax that business owners should know.  

by Eric Lin

by Sue Tuson

Global Income Tax Treaty Basics

Doing business globally requires knowledge of the benefits and requirements of income tax treaties between the countries on both sides of a cross-border transaction. Here is some advice to help you realize the maximum benefit from an applicable treaty and meet all related filings.

by Eric Lin

SALT 101 for Foreign-Owned Businesses

As more foreign companies expand to the U.S., it is essential for them to have a firm understanding of sales and use taxes: two of the country’s most important taxes.

by Eric Lin

Expatriate Employees and Global Taxation

As Chinese companies expand their businesses globally, expatriate employees’ individual income taxes become more critical for the employees themselves, and Chinese-owned foreign subsidiaries. Here are some important considerations under the Chinese IIT Rules.

by Eric Lin

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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