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Tim Hilligoss

Tim Hilligoss

Shareholder, Tax & Assurance

As a trusted advisor, Tim guides clients through business transactions, tax issues and international expansion.

What is your area of focus?

I’m focused on helping owners tackle the top financial, tax and operational issues impacting their bottom line. My expertise includes entity and organizational structure, US tax planning and compliance, and transactional services with a focus on tax efficient deal structuring, buy-sell side due diligence, Quality of Earnings studies and reorganizations. As a consultant for middle market companies, I help owners with their tax and accounting needs while providing guidance on business transactions. I also support the firm’s architecture & engineering practice with an emphasis on helping entrepreneurs navigate the top issues impacting their industry.  

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

Since 2001

What is the favorite part about your job?

I enjoy meeting with clients and helping them improve their profitability through the introduction and implementation of innovative tax strategies.



  • Transaction services and tax efficient deal structuring
  • Buy-side/sell-side due diligence
  • Quality of Earnings analysis
  • Business consulting and succession planning
  • Retirement plan design
  • Federal and state tax saving strategies
  • Domestic and international tax structuring and compliance
  • Repatriation and transfer pricing strategies


  • Master of Science in Taxation, Walsh College
  • Bachelor of Accountancy, Walsh College


  • Association for Corporate Growth
  • PSMJ Resources, Inc. 
  • Environmental Financial Consulting Group (EFCG) 
  • Detroit Chinese Business Association  
  • Michigan China Innovation Center 
  • PrimeGlobal 

Articles by Tim Hilligoss

7 Ways to Increase Business Value Even When You’re Not for Sale

The most reliable way to get top dollar for your business is to start managing value early. There are time-tested ways for owners to protect and boost the value of a business long before a sale is on the horizon. Keep reading to explore seven areas where you can start maximizing business value now. 

by Tim Hilligoss

Is Your Business Transaction-Ready?

Traditionally, due diligence is a buyer’s responsibility when an M&A transaction is on the horizon. Conventional wisdom and best practices support the idea that this is the buyer’s opportunity to discover in detail what they’re getting for their money. However, the due diligence process is also the seller’s opportunity to showcase the business in the most favorable light.

by Tim Hilligoss

3 Business Valuation Considerations For Owners

A complete business valuation looks at all aspects of the business – things like the overall balance sheet picture, key personnel, market value of physical assets and intellectual property, and a forecast of potential revenue. Here are some top reasons to do a business valuation.

by Tim Hilligoss

Considering a Sale? Financial Reporting Matters

Having the right financial statements in place is vital for many reasons, but especially when you may be considering the potential sale of your business. When it comes to financial reporting, buyers and sellers frequently have different priorities in mind so they may be looking for different things when reviewing financials.

by Tim Hilligoss

by Ben Smith

It’s Time to Plan Your Business Exit Strategy

Selling your business ownership stake at the right time – and for the right price – can be a challenge. To make matters even more uncertain, today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever – especially with rising private equity influence. The earlier you start crafting an exit strategy, the better.

by Tim Hilligoss

by Ben Smith

Transaction Basics for Business Owners: Post Closing…Now What?

Wondering what happens after a business deal closes? While it may seem like completing a transition is enough – it’s not quite done. Watch this recorded live video event for tips on preserving your investment post-sale.

by Tim Hilligoss

Transaction Basics for Business Owners: The Art of the Deal

When you find yourself seriously considering a transaction, you’ll need to put the right team in place. Watch this live video to learn more about the roles of your CPA, attorney, and investment banker – and how they work together to protect your interests.

by Tim Hilligoss

Transaction Service Event Series for Business Owners

We are pleased to announce a new live video event series: Buying, Selling or Not so Sure? Transaction Service Basics for Business Owners. This 4-part series, hosted in collaboration with the Michigan Manufacturers Association, offers guidance on the following topics: deal preparation basics, the role of your advisory team, due diligence, and post-closing considerations.

by Tim Hilligoss

Transaction Basics for Business Owners: Preparing Even When You’re Not Ready

Even if you’re not ready to sell now, it’s never too early to start planning for an inevitable transition. Watch this recorded live video event to learn how buyers assess value and what’s needed to put yourself and your business in the best possible position.

by Tim Hilligoss

Understanding Transactions, Even if Your Business Isn’t for Sale

Selling your small business may not have been your focus in 2020 and may not be your focus in 2021, but planning ahead comes with huge advantages. Here are four things our team walks through with every client when we prepare for a deal.

by Tim Hilligoss

PPP Loan Forgiveness FAQs

The COVID-19 pandemic caught many by surprise including business owners who were required to comply with forced business closures and others who experienced modified operating rules or dwindling demand.

by Tim Hilligoss

by Sarah Russell

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application & Guidance Released

On May 15, 2020, the Treasury and Small Business Administration (SBA) issued long-awaited information on PPP loan forgiveness, including the application for forgiveness and relevant instructions.

by Sarah Russell

by Tim Hilligoss

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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