Miroslav Georgiev

Miroslav Georgiev

Senior Manager, Tax

With a pulse on state and local taxes, Miroslav advises inbound and outbound clients on tax planning, structuring and compliance.

What is your area of focus?

I help inbound and outbound clients with an international focus. I am involved in tax planning as well as structuring and compliance. I also have experience in the private equity/venture capital space.

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

Since 2013

What is the favorite part about your job?

I appreciate the ability to apply my technical skill set to help clients with complex tax and accounting issues.


  • Partnership and LLC structuring
  • Pass-through entity domestic and international taxation
  • Private equity deal consulting, due diligence, structuring and compliance
  • Federal and state audit representation
  • Corporate domestic and international taxation
  • Multistate tax planning and compliance


  • Master of Science in Taxation, Walsh College
  • Bachelor of Accounting, Walsh College


  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • PrimeGlobal

Articles by Miroslav Georgiev

Are You Meeting Remote Work Tax Obligations?

Thousands of companies were forced to adopt mobile work practices during the pandemic. Even if it was on their radar previously, managing their taxes and making sure they are doing all the right things—in all the right states—is likely much more complex than they anticipated.  

by Miroslav Georgiev

Keeping Up With Digital Taxes

To the uninitiated, selling digital products and services can seem like a much easier business model than selling physical goods. While there may be advantages to skipping inventory and warehouse needs, the digital tax landscape can be tricky to navigate. 

by Miroslav Georgiev

by Sue Tuson

Michigan Flow-Through Entity Tax Return Format

The Michigan Department of Treasury recently issued templates to assist taxpayers with filing their 2021 Michigan Flow-Through Entity (“FTE”) Tax Returns. Michigan adopted an elective FTE tax in late December 2021 as a workaround to the state and local tax deduction limitation.

by Miroslav Georgiev

Buying or Selling a Business? Consider These Obligations!

Once you adopt the perspective that you’ll be selling your business at some point, it’s time to take stock of what needs to be done. While planning is great, sometimes opportunities arise for a sale earlier than expected or circumstances change that require a rapid priority shift that necessitates a sale.

by Miroslav Georgiev

SALT Relief for Partners and S Corps

With small businesses supporting nearly 47% of U.S. employees, states have been advocating for pass-through entities, operating partnerships and S corporations that have been harshly impacted by the Tax Cuts and Job Act ‘s state and local taxes deduction limit. Recent legislative activity is finally providing relief for many of these businesses. 

by Miroslav Georgiev

2021 Child Tax Credit Changes

For many Americans, Christmas came early this year in the form of monthly payments from the Federal Government. These payments were vital for many households struggling with the lingering effects of the pandemic, and, for the majority of American households, will not need to be repaid. However, there are several circumstances where people could find themselves having to repay all or a portion of these payments.

by Miroslav Georgiev

Federal Opportunity Zones: The Right Investment Opportunity?

Written into law by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), the Federal Opportunity Zones initiative is a tool aimed at promoting private investment in underserved communities across the country. While many Americans only know it as government-speak, every day more investors are understanding what it really is, a way to defer tax on capital gains.

by Miroslav Georgiev

Employee Retention Credit Provision of the CARES Act

As we know, on March 27th, 2020, the President signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. CARES added many new sections to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) to assist both employers and employees during this time of economic uncertainty.

by Miroslav Georgiev

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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