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Elly Mioduszewski

Elly Mioduszewski

Manager, Consulting

Elly is an integral member of the firm's digital advisory group, helping owners leverage data analytics and improve their business processes.

What is your area of focus?

I help business leaders find efficient, effective and sustainable business improvement solutions by championing a data-driven culture.

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

Since 2021

What is the favorite part about your job?

I enjoy partnering with clients to find innovative solutions for the hurdles they are facing.


  • Data analytics and management
  • IT risk and controls
  • Change management
  • Access management
  • Automation
  • Pre implementation PMO system reviews
  • Compliance


  • Master of Accounting, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Michigan Ross School of Business


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • University of Michigan Letterwinners M Club, Board of Directors

Elly 360°

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be?
I would own a retail shop in a small town.

If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?
To play guitar.

What does a perfect day look like to you?
Sleeping in, time with family, a meal out with friends, and spending time outside.

Articles by Elly Mioduszewski

Taking Stock of Your IT Management

Do you have a grasp on your company’s IT environment? Focusing on ways to improve your security and monitoring, access and change management, and system development lifecycle can help minimize risk and maximize opportunities for growth.

by Elly Mioduszewski

What’s Measured is Managed: KPIs for Growth

Basing business decisions on data is undeniably essential for long-term success and growth. There is more data available than ever before and a growing offering of automation tools to match data processing demands. Here are four vital Key Performance Indicator (KPI) categories that industrial automation businesses should track to promote successful outcomes.

by Elly Mioduszewski

Using Standardization for Anything-But-Standard Results

Implementing standardized work processes can provide you and your team with more time to look at results so you can determine where to go next—rather than spending unnecessary time capturing and correcting routine activity. 

by Elly Mioduszewski

3 Keys to Building a Data-Driven Culture

Building a data-driven culture that can propel your business to the next level of success demands fresh thinking. The entrepreneurial “gut feel” that brought your original idea to life won’t give you the analytical insights you need to stay on a reliable path to growth and profitability. The high-stakes business decisions you’ll be called on to make in the future will depend a lot on the systems choices you make today. Here are three big ideas that can help.

by Elly Mioduszewski

by Bryan Powrozek

Data Analytics: Optimize Your Path to a Speedy Sale

Many business leaders are so invested in getting through the day they may not have the time to dream about or plan for the future. Whether you’ve got someone ready to buy your company or not, it is always prudent to be ready for the next stage of your business. 

by Ben Smith

by Elly Mioduszewski

Empower Your Business Through Automation 

Tracking key performance indicators is an effective way for businesses to reinforce practices that work and filter out those that don’t. It is more important than ever to give a business every chance to succeed, especially as the economic effects of the pandemic linger. Using KPIs, dashboards, forecasting, and analytics can help businesses gain a competitive edge in the market.  

by Bryan Powrozek

by Elly Mioduszewski

6 Signs Your ERP isn’t Working Hard Enough

Enterprise Resource Planning is an essential software tool for monitoring all kinds of businesses. No matter how advanced an ERP software product might be, the ROI depends on how well it’s implemented, how carefully your team applies its features to the needs of your business, and how many of your core processes are integrated with it.

by Elly Mioduszewski

by Bryan Powrozek

Cyberattacks: Your Small Business’s Worst Nightmare

Estimates say that cyber breaches can go undetected for about 200 days on average. A lot of damage can be done in the time that companies don’t even realize they have been compromised. If you're wondering if your business should invest in cybersecurity, the answer is a resounding yes and here are just three of the many reasons why.

by Elly Mioduszewski

Digital Transformation: A Catalyst for Growth

Today’s middle market companies have the ability for expansive growth. Those experiencing growth are more productive, efficient and secure than the past. They communicate better, react to customer needs faster and enjoy greater bottom-line savings than their competition. How do they do it? By implementing digital transformation strategies into their everyday operations. And it’s a practice you can add to your own facility.

by Elly Mioduszewski

Emerging Tech for Manufacturing: Building Blocks of Blockchain

Along with the health and safety of its people, there may not be anything more important to a manufacturer than the security of its information. For many companies, blockchain ledger is required to create an audit trail for all transactions within a supply chain.

by Jim Biehl

by Elly Mioduszewski

Emerging Tech for Manufacturing: RPA & the Human Workforce

Many of today’s manufacturing jobs include repetitive tasks that could pull qualified talent away from more essential responsibilities. Learn how RPA can emulate the actions of a human workforce and automate specific business processes to work in concert with people.

by Jim Biehl

by Elly Mioduszewski

AI and the Next Wave of Manufacturing Technology

Whether visualizing a task from point A to point B, making a decision based on prior experiences, or interpreting data to do something more efficiently, AI can help your manufacturing facility by removing human error and maximizing human talent.

by Jim Biehl

by Elly Mioduszewski

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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