Carlos Calderon

Carlos Calderon

International Accounting & Tax Consultant

Fluent in Spanish and dedicated to client growth, Carlos helps businesses expand to Mexico from the U.S. and abroad.

What is your area of focus?

Fluent in Spanish, I specialize in Mexican taxation and international commerce and its impact on US holdings. I consult on a variety of transactions relating to start-up enterprises in Latin America and also advise foreign-owned entities whose parent companies are based in Europe, Asia, and North America.

How long have you been at Clayton & McKervey?

3 years earlier in my career and then back in 2017

What is the favorite part about your job?

I enjoy using my language skills and knowledge of the Mexican business community to support clients’ business plans.


  • Financial reporting
  • International consulting
  • International commerce
  • International taxes
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Mexican taxation
  • Customs impacts on U.S. holdings


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Nuevo Leon State University)
  • Graduate credits, financial statement analysis, business analysis, Harvard University


  • Automation Alley
  • Global Network of Mexican Professionals
  • Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • PrimeGlobal

Carlos 360°

If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be?
Mariachi ????

What is the #1 most played song in your ITunes library?
To My Love, Bomba Estereo

If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?
Read minds

What does a perfect day look like to you?
Sunshine, 80F, by the lake, a beer on my hand and a shrimp cocktail


Articles by Carlos Calderon

Why US Manufacturers Should Consider Nearshoring to Mexico

For manufacturing and distribution businesses with operations in China or other faraway locations, nearshoring to Mexico is starting to look more attractive. Learn about the top drivers of nearshoring and why many businesses are choosing Mexico.

by Carlos Calderon

Are You Ready to Sell Your Mexican Subsidiary? 

With M&A activity soaring in the U.S., we have been involved in dozens of deals involving U.S. entities with Mexican subsidiaries. These types of businesses have become more attractive to potential buyers for many reasons: China vs. U.S. commercial war, increased freight costs, shipment delays, disruption and operational limitations due to COVID-19; especially for Asian companies.

by Carlos Calderon

Manufacturing in Mexico: Standalone vs. Shelter Company

Companies interested in manufacturing in Mexico have two main options for their operations. They can operate on a standalone basis or use a shelter service company. We can help you evaluate which structure is best based on your company size, needs, complexity and other important considerations.

by Carlos Calderon

Doing Business in Mexico: What to Expect this Year

As the global pandemic presses on, Mexican businesses have been forced to adapt to the virtual culture and work from home environment. Here is a round-up of the most relevant impacts to doing business in Mexico for 2021.

by Carlos Calderon

Work From Home Rules in Mexico

As more work from home positions emerge due to the pandemic, the Mexican government has enacted a labor reform to establish new fair work guidelines. The provisions apply to workers who carry out their activities 40% or more of the time at home.

by Carlos Calderon

9 FAQs About the USMCA

It has already been a month since one of the most competitive regions in the world, which together generated more than 25% of the world’s GDP in 2019, finally entered into the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

by Carlos Calderon

US Senate Approves the USMCA

The United States, Mexico, Canada trade deal (aka. NAFTA 2.0), has finally been approved by the US Senate after 29 months of extensive negotiations. Republicans and Democrats came together to show support with 89 votes in favor of the new agreement.

by Carlos Calderon

Considering Expanding to Mexico? Learn the Impacts of Taxes and Personnel Expenses

It is true that Mexico has a highly qualified and competitive labor market, and a young population; however, it is mandatory -- and extremely important -- to factor in the personnel-related requirements below when expanding or operating in Mexico.

by Carlos Calderon

Doing Business in Mexico Tax Guide

Taxes are a hot topic that should be discussed and planned early in an expansion decision due to the significant impacts on a business.  In fact, the ideal time to consider taxes is the moment a cash flow projection is created and when the business structure and plan are outlined

by Carlos Calderon

When Does it Make Sense to Expand to Mexico?

When looking at the competition – especially in the automotive industry –the question on whether it makes sense to expand to Mexico will ultimately arise.  Our clients ask this often enough for us to note the key considerations required before determining if this opportunity is right for your business.

by Carlos Calderon

The Sound of Automation Podcast

Industrial automation businesses are the driving force behind Industry 4.0, and Clayton & McKervey is here to help.

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