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Posted on January 23, 2017 by

Rob Dutkiewiec

Rob Dutkiewicz

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It’s hard to imagine an organization of any kind staying in business for very long if it does not keep an eye on the quality of the products it produces or the services offered. We can all cite instances where a lapse in quality has cost companies reputation, customers, and plenty of money. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of these scenarios in the news today, and the damage caused by these lapses is challenging to the future of these organizations.

At Clayton & McKervey, we believe that it is important to our clients, our employees, our team, and the community we serve to provide unrelenting quality. Our company’s core values drive the results we seek, as detailed below:

Passion to help others succeed

Simply stated, as a member the professional service industry, we are delighted to celebrate the successes of our clients, employees and friends. This success is amplified if we’ve had the opportunity to play even a small role in the outcome.

Can-do attitude

Too often, accountants are criticized for being the nay-sayers of the crowd due to the exacting nature of the profession. In our case, however, we have developed a reputation for open-mindedness and collaboration, which folks seem to recognize and appreciate.


We believe it is important to clearly explain what you plan to do, and then simply do it. This is the fundamental element to performance and we are proud that our team can be taken at their word.


Although our work is focused on the serious topics of fiscal oversight and financial health, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. By bringing a cheerful attitude to our business, we benefit from positive lifelong relationships both inside and outside the firm.

We believe that these core values are directly tied to quality, and afford us a stellar reputation among our peers, and in the marketplace. Our clients hire us to conduct financial audits, reviews and compilations, and we fully embrace this responsibility. As such, we meet the expectation of having the right systems and processes in place to produce a quality product. These processes include a commitment to staff training and development, compliance, and peer review.

Our process also includes reviewing our client base, and the people we do business with, to ensure that our core values are aligned. Quality is not an attribute that just happens, but one that is baked in to the fabric of an organization:  through the employees we hire, the culture we’ve built, the people and organizations we associate with, and the clients we serve. For more information about Clayton & McKervey’s commitment to quality, contact me directly.

Rob Dutkiewicz


Rob is recognized by clients, the C&M team and colleagues around the world for his pragmatic & thoughtful leadership.

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