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Private Client Services

Private Client Services: An Introduction

Posted on December 1, 2020 by

Margaret Amsden

Margaret Amsden

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Owners of closely-held businesses are passionate about what they do, masters of their practice, and driven to succeed. When it comes time to plan for the future, Private Client Services (PCS) is the partner that helps business owners take on the future with the same confidence they have in their business.

Planning for the years to come means different things to different people. It could be preparing for a complex tax filing, beginning to plan for retirement and business continuity, or estate planning. PCS merges all of those aspects of a client’s life into one field, taking a thoughtful and well-rounded approach to helping them plan for the future without missing a detail. At Clayton & McKervey, our team offers personalized services tailored to our clients’ specific needs; helping clients reach the goals that they have worked for their entire lives.

If looking for a partner to help you succeed, here’s an overview of the PCS resources.

Wealth Management

Building wealth is more than the number on your tax return – it is your business’ capacity, your family’s future, and a philanthropic center for causes you are passionate about. In a changing and uncertain financial and legal environment, our PCS team works in partnership with trusted wealth management advisors to help preserve, protect, and grow your assets to the greatest extent possible, so you and your loved ones have access to them for many years to come. This collaborative, consultative approach allows us to support clients with their investments and accounting needs while offering a complete financial solution.

Estate Planning

A successful estate plan is one that focuses on the needs of the client and incorporates their vision for their family and businesses’ future. It also creates a dialogue that includes the advantages and disadvantages of a long list of planning options, and an analysis of which one best achieves our clients’ goals while minimizing legal and financial burdens.

Rather than simply advising clients, our PCS team begins a dialogue that suits the needs of each individual, and applies our decades of financial insights to ensure that each client does their best to plan for the longevity and security of their assets even when they are no longer with us.

It’s important to understand that preparing and implementing an estate plan requires the services of an accountant, lawyer, insurance and financial advisor. We can connect you to the right partners to help you successfully complete the process.  Keep in mind that you should revisit your estate plan periodically, especially after changes in life circumstances (such as marriage or divorce) or when there are updates to tax laws, so it’s always the right time to consider this important issue.

Philanthropic Planning

Maybe it is a charitable entity that endows a scholarship at your alma mater, funds to allow your family to support their causes in the future or a one-time capital gift to a cause you are passionate about.

Your money is not just a number on a tax filing—it is what you are passionate about, and how you will leave your mark on this world. No matter how you would like your wealth to make your mark, our PCS team’s knowledge of the legal and financial regulations surrounding each of them will help you maximize your legacy returns.

Tax Planning

High net worth tax planning requires an in-depth look at personal assets that are often spread across an array of sources. Our team partners with clients to prepare local, state, and federal tax filings to maximize your cash flow, minimize your tax liabilities, and help you achieve your financial goals.

PCS works with clients to resolve inquiries from taxing agencies to limit disruption into their personal and professional affairs. With a finger on the pulse of developments in the tax and financial world, our team also offers insights into how best to prepare for future filings that can continue to use the tax system to your advantage and retain liquidity to the greatest extent possible.


Whether you are just beginning to plan for retirement or someone who is looking for a new set of eyes and ears to help things through their golden years, it is critical to have a thorough financial plan to make sure that you have the retirement you deserve.

Our PCS team takes the time to work with each client to plan out retirement needs and whether they are on track to meet them. We model cash flow and expenditures, build realistic and thoughtful estimates of income and expenses, and help plan for the unexpected – whether it’s a health scare or a global pandemic.

Whether you are seeking guidance about all of these services or only one, our Private Client Services Team stands ready to help you navigate your financial future in an uncertain world. Working together on a plan today will save that stress from tomorrow, and we are ready to tackle that success with you one step at a time.

Contact Us

To learn more about how private client services can help you with everything from managing your wealth to planning for retirement, please call us at 248.208.8860 or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Margaret Amsden

Shareholder, Private Client Services

Margaret leads the firm’s private client services group as the point person for individual, estate and succession planning tax strategies.

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