Kris Morris

Kris attended Hillsdale College where he received his BA in Accounting and Financial Management. He is a brother to two and Uncle to three. He enjoys traveling, exercising, and trying new food in his personal time. He finds value during his day by providing his expertise and insight to clients in the manufacturing and system integrators industries to help maximize operational output while minimizing tax exposure. He believes a cold beer or a glass of scotch at the end of the day will relieve most of your problems.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Each day is unique. However, a day in the life of Kris Morris would typically entail all of the following: client e-mails and phone calls, face to face meetings with managers and shareholders, financial analysis, problem solving, lots of food, and exercise.

What is the most meaningful part of your job?

The most meaningful part of my job is providing value and insight to entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses into successful operations.

What do you consider your greatest success so far in your public accounting career?

Besides passing the CPA exam? Obtaining my first client referral in year 3.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out their career?

I would say, hard work, dedication, and attention to detail.