Does Your Company Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit?

Research, development, and experimentation are all processes that every Grand Rapids (MI) companies use to improve their business, services or products and customer experience. Many small to mid-size business owners are surprised when they learn they may qualify for the Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credit. The credit represents a significant tax saving opportunity for these businesses, especially in the wake of tax reform which eliminated many of the traditional tax-saving opportunities. The challenge many companies face is finding the right provider who can accurately assess your activities and have the practical experience to guide the process. While there are many in the marketplace who offer the service, far fewer have the depth of experience and insight needed to fully leverage the opportunity.

Michigan R&D Tax Credit Experience

Clayton & McKervey works with Grand Rapids companies to identify, evaluate, document and submit tax credit compliance documentation. Our team has years of experience guiding system integrators, manufacturers and other companies that engage in innovation, process improvement, and the elimination of design uncertainties.

R&D Tax Credit Benefits

Based on the information below, it appears many Grand Rapids companies with qualifying research and development credit activities are missing out on a tax-saving opportunity.



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Our Grand Rapids R&D Experience

Our team will work tirelessly with your Grand Rapids company to maximize available tax credits. While focused on manufacturing and system integrators, we have the knowledge and practical experience to capture this opportunity for Michigan companies in a variety of industries


R&D Tax Credit Testimonial

The difference between our previous firm and Clayton & McKervey was their true understanding of the R&D tax law and quite possibly their willingness to fully grasp the nature and operations of our business. During the process Clayton & McKervey introduced engineers and industry experts into the exploration, this team knew what to look for and the questions to ask. The results were beyond all expectations, we received hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds from the IRS, dramatically improving our cash flow and income.

Mark L. Gust, CEO, Industrial Automation

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