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Dutkiewicz Named Chair, PrimeGlobal Advisory Council

Posted on June 11, 2021 by

Clayton & Mckervey

Clayton & McKervey

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Media Contact: Denise Asker,; 248.936.9488

Southfield, Mich.—June 11, 2021—Clayton & McKervey, a certified public accounting and business advisory firm helping growth-driven companies compete in the global marketplace, is pleased to announce the appointment of Clayton & McKervey President Rob Dutkiewicz as Chair of PrimeGlobal’s 2021 Advisory Council.

The Regional Advisory Council will support more than 250 PrimeGlobal offices in the North American region. “I am honored to help lead a group focused on the betterment of not only PrimeGlobal firms, but the accounting profession. I look forward to helping implement the association’s newly adopted strategy. The Council has tremendous passion for adding value to all member firms,” Dutkiewicz said.

PrimeGlobal is an association of independent accounting firms designed to provide member firms and their clients with a powerful pipeline to build relationships with one another and share ideas and business opportunities. With this new appointment, Rob Dutkiewicz will lead the North American region and work together with the other eight Advisory Council members.

PrimeGlobal’s Regional Councils are designed to represent the needs and viewpoints of all members while adding value to member firms. Through our involvement and leadership in the Advisory Council, we will help develop the strategy and ensure it aligns with challenges and opportunities of member firms.

About Clayton & McKervey

Clayton & McKervey is a full-service public accounting firm specializing in tax, accounting, advisory & assurance, and consulting services. The firm services middle-market, growth-driven companies competing in the global marketplace. Our team helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses here and abroad, from planning and preparation through all stages of operations. We also help foreign-owned companies, from start-ups to multinational corporations, establish and expand operations in the U.S.

Clients include international businesses, industrial automation companies, manufacturers & distributors, architecture & engineering professional services firms, and private clients. The firm works in close collaboration with domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, business associations, and economic developers dedicated to supporting business growth. To learn more, visit

About PrimeGlobal

PrimeGlobal is the most diverse association of independent accounting firms in the world, with coverage across 900 offices, spanning 100+ countries.  PrimeGlobal is one of the four largest global associations, with a community of 300 compatible firms with a combined annual firm revenue of USD $3.5B. PrimeGlobal provides its independent member firms with tools and resources to help them deliver superior accounting, auditing, tax and management services to clients around the globe.

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