Does your A&E firm need a FAR audit?

If your architecture or engineering firm performs government work or collects federal or state funding, you may be required to have an independently audited overhead rate in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). We can help!

FAR Overhead Audits

Ensure Your Firm is FAR Compliant

We will examine your firm’s accounting and internal control systems to ensure FAR compliance. This process includes:

1. Overhead Rate Calculations

Assist management in properly calculating an overhead rate under FAR Part 31.

2. Accounting System Upgrades

Suggest improvements  to quickly and efficiently determine your FAR overhead rate.

3. Industry Benchmarking

Review historical FAR overhead rates and compare to industry standards.

4. Analysis & Improvements

Analyze cost structure, systems and contracts to maximize allowable FAR overhead rates.

A&E Industry Highlights
Kevin Johns

Kevin Johns

As an owner and leader of the firm’s architecture & engineering practice, Kevin specializes in providing tax and accounting services to architecture and engineering clients around the globe. Kevin and his team can ensure your firm is FAR compliant and help you maximize your overhead rate, minimize expenses and secure more government contract work with the best rates possible.

“A&E firms that have government contracts exceeding $500,000 will generally need to have their overhead rates independently audited by a CPA firm,” said Kevin Johns, Architecture & Engineering Leader for Clayton & McKervey.

Kevin Johns

Kevin Johns