Are you ready to establish or expand operations in the U.S.?

Our global expansion team can provide customised accounting, tax and business consulting services to meet your specific needs so you can focus on growing your business.

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Teresa Gordon

Teresa Gordon
As the leader of Clayton & McKervey’s international group, Teresa Gordon recently had the opportunity to share some of her knowledge with other U.K. businesses at Centuro Global’s Global Expansion Conference in London, where we had the honour of being named Global Tax & Accounting Firm of the Year 2022. Teresa’s team provides specialised services to match the unique needs of foreign-owned subsidiaries as they establish and grow.

We Understand International Tax and Accounting

When your business is ready to expand from the U.K. to the U.S. Clayton & McKervey is ready to serve you. Our team of international consultants has the specialised knowledge to customise accounting, tax, and business consulting services to meet your specific foreign direct investment needs.

1. Planning

Having the knowledge required to start your business in the U.S. correctly is extremely important. The decisions made now will set the course for the future. With our knowledge and experience helping companies expand to the U.S., we can streamline the process of growing your business while avoiding costly surprises.

2. Start-up

There are many details which must be considered thoroughly to make the execution of your U.S. expansion a success. In addition to providing accounting and tax services, our team takes on the role of an adviser. If there are gaps in your U.S. resources which need to be filled, we’ll help shore them up.

3. Growth

As your business grows, accounting and tax needs change. The international team is skilled in anticipating these changes and accessing the firm’s full range of services. We can also help you successfully manage the transition and tax-planning opportunities to capitalise on growth opportunities unique to your company.

Tools to Support Your Business

Clayton & McKervey was proud to accept Centuro Global’s Tax & Accounting Firm of the Year award! We accepted this prestigious honor at the Centuro Global Expansion Conference 2022, INT-X Awards, in London, England.

Clayton and Mckervey was named Centuro Global's Tax and Accounting Firm of the Year!
Teresa Gordon

Teresa Gordon

Teresa works with global companies expanding to the U.S. Extending far beyond traditional financial and tax reporting, Teresa’s team provides specialised services to match the unique needs of foreign-owned subsidiaries as they establish and grow.

Through our partnerships with PrimeGlobal, Centuro Global and many international associations, we collaborate with other global firms to empower economic development, promote growth into the U.S. and help businesses achieve successful international expansion.

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“We have appreciated the opportunity to contribute to Centuro’s mission of easing global expansion” said Teresa Gordon, International Practice Lead for Clayton & McKervey. “Being recognized for our focus in helping business owners achieve their goals through collaboration with key partners is our top priority.”

Teresa Gordon

Teresa Gordon

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