Transaction Service Basics for Business Owners: Post Closing…Now What?

June 24, 2021

8:30am EST

Stay tuned for our 4-part live video series: Buying, Selling or Not So Sure? Transaction Service Basics for Business Owners.

Hosted in collaboration with the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA), this series will speak to owners who may be considering a transaction or those already in the process. Hear from leaders of our Manufacturing & Distribution, Transaction Services, and Private Client Services teams.

Session 4: Post Closing…Now What?

While it may seem like completing a transition is enough – it’s not quite done. The back end of a deal has many nuances to ensure that profits are maximized for the short and long term, post deal liquidity is well managed and that the remaining culture stands strong. Find out what’s on the other side of a deal ahead of time to manage expectations and ensure a smooth process through this final phase.

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