CSIA Financial Checkup

You’re a systems integrator, not an accountant.

As a successful control systems integrator, you understand the value of industrial automation. As a business owner, we know you probably wear many hats – playing the role of president, engineer, salesperson and CFO. Often, our industrial automation clients find that the accounting and finance help needed isn’t necessarily available. We can help. The CSIA Financial Checkup program brings you best-in-class accounting and financial support to help you run a more profitable business. Starting under $1,000, these exclusive offerings will help you:

  • Identify KPIs critical to business performance
  • Optimize your accounting systems
  • Minimize your tax liabilities
  • Proactively manage your short and long-term cash needs

Focus on what matters most to your business and have confidence that your finance and accounting challenges are being solved. Contact us today to learn more!

Financial Performance Evaluation

Make better business decisions that deliver lasting benefit by understanding your company’s financial performance.

performance metrics
account systems

Accounting Systems Assessment

Identify internal control issues and inefficiencies through a comprehensive review of your accounting processes and systems.

Tax Structuring Analysis

Learn how to optimize tax payments and protect against unforeseen liabilities through an in-depth analysis of your company’s tax structure and filings.

tax planning
cash management

Cash Flow Forecasting

Discover the processes and tools needed to manage your most valuable resource in both the short and long-term.

What to Expect

As a CSIA member, you have access to this exclusive CSIA Financial Checkup program, allowing you to enjoy these benefits at a significant cost savings. You’ll also get to share feedback about your experience, helping shape the service offerings to provide the most valuable tax, accounting, cash management, and financial performance solutions for business owners like you.

You can expect dedicated support from our team along with tax, accounting, and consulting solutions customized to your specific needs. Take this opportunity to free yourself from the burden of solving every tax and accounting issue that comes your way, and focus on developing the technology that drives industry 4.0.