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Named New Partner: Centuro Global

Posted on April 5, 2021 by

Clayton & Mckervey

Clayton & McKervey

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Media Contact: Denise Asker,; 248.936.9488

Southfield, Mich.—April 5, 2021—Clayton & McKervey, a certified public accounting and business advisory firm helping growth-driven companies compete in the global marketplace, is pleased to announce their appointment as a key global partner representing the USA with the Centuro Global Network. The announcement of this new affiliation was made by Clayton & McKervey President Rob Dutkiewicz, CPA.

Centuro Global is an international organization aiming to ease the global expansion process for all businesses, with the goal of broadening access to local expertise in overseas jurisdictions and innovating the delivery of professional services. With this new appointment, Clayton & McKervey will join a powerful network of global expansion experts and encourage further growth into the USA.

Centuro Global is committed to collaborating globally to empower world economic development and promoting innovative solutions for start-ups, SMEs and corporates around the world. The inclusion of Clayton & McKervey provides a wide range of opportunities for the USA and opens doors for economic development and greater involvement on the global business stage.

Teresa Gordon, Clayton & McKervey International Practice Lead, is excited about this new appointment. “We look forward to helping global businesses grow in the U.S. and abroad through our involvement in the Centuro Global Network,” Gordon said. “Our firm provides solutions tailored to each phase of business operation and expansion.”

About Clayton & McKervey

Clayton & McKervey is a full-service public accounting firm specializing in tax, accounting, advisory & assurance, and consulting services. The firm services middle-market, growth-driven companies competing in the global marketplace. Our team helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses here and abroad, from planning and preparation through all stages of operations. We also help foreign-owned companies, from start-ups to multinational corporations, establish and expand operations in the U.S.

Clients include international businesses, industrial automation companies, manufacturers & distributors, architecture & engineering professional services firms, and private clients. The firm works in close collaboration with domestic and foreign chambers of commerce, business associations, and economic developers dedicated to supporting business growth.

About Centuro Global

Centuro Global helps businesses ‘Go Global’ through strategy wrapped in a cutting-edge technology platform.

International expansion is normally a complex process with advice often required from multiple parties, covering legal, accountancy, tax, and marketing among other considerations, and business owners often find the whole process stressful, time consuming and expensive.

Centuro Global simplifies this process by providing a coherent strategy and roadmap for new market entry and business growth, provided by our in-house team of global expansion experts.

With an exclusive business community of fast-growing businesses, corporates, angel and institutional investors, government bodies, business leaders and professional services firms worldwide, Centuro Global elevates businesses beyond boundaries.

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