Stephanie Caramagno

Stephanie Caramagno


Stephanie is currently attending Walsh College and plans on sitting for the CPA exam after she completes her Bachelors of Accountancy degree next year.

Week one:

What attracted me to C&M in the first place was the chance to work in a public accounting firm while finishing up my degree. C&M is not what I expected. I was very nervous to start at C&M, worried that if I failed, my “career” would be over before it ever got started. Luckily, everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. I am comfortable asking for help if I get stuck, and know that my coworkers want me to succeed just as badly as I do.

Something that surprised me is that I was shocked by all the food. I started right at the end of busy season and the amount of snacks for the employees was unexpected, but a pleasant surprise. I am most looking forward to getting the hang of things and feeling more comfortable in my position. I know that this will come with time, and I cannot wait!

Month one:

My experience during my first month at C&M has been amazing! I’ve learned so much already. I enjoy working with different clients and being able to help with their monthly reports. Finishing my first monthly close on my own was particularly memorable. I was so happy working on my own and completing the project.

Overall, my first month has been great and informative. I love how all of my coworkers have been supportive and helpful. It has been great being able to see that all of my schooling so far has been worth it and helpful.