Sabrina Tremblay

Sabrina recently graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration and she hopes to start working towards a CPA designation.

Day 1

What attracted me about C&M in the first place was that all the employees are genuinely happy to work with each other and just be at work in general.

C&M is even better than I expected everyone is very helpful and made me feel welcome and appreciated as soon as I walked in.

What surprised me was how much food they provide their employees and what they do in order to keep their employees and even their interns, happy to work.

I think what I look forward to most is practicing what we learn in training and get to know more colleagues.

Month 1

My experience at C&M has been great, I have enjoyed getting to know some of my coworkers and I still am. I have learned a lot from how to work with different accounting softwares and on different projects like income tax returns but also accounting support work.

What I like best about working at C&M is that they have fun as one of their core value and it is not just on paper it is really happens in the firm. There is always something going on staff outings or firm lunches, they make it enjoyable for employees to work here.

One particularly memorable moment was when we had the intern and first year staff outing and went to the Great Escape Room. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should be excited about the activity or not because I thought after a day at work I wouldn’t want to think too much, but as soon as it started I found myself having so much fun trying to find clues and solve puzzles. It was a great experience and I got to work with coworkers that are in other departments of the firm.

Overall, my first month at C&M has been really good, I have learned so much and I have met smart and hard-working people that have been nice and very helpful.

Six Months

If I could describe the past 6 months at C&M in one word, it would be enriching because I consistently learn so much from the people I work with and not just accounting and tax theory wise, but also in terms of how to be better employee and how to manage my time. I have improved as an employee and person by having to do tasks that are out of my comfort zone. For example, I have learned how to do a presentation, talk on the phone with clients, and network at marketing events.

I think that the most valuable skill I have mastered is note taking. In school I was never a big note taker and when I started at C&M I wrote down brief notes and left items that I knew I would remember, but then I would forget some details. After some time, I started writing down as much as I could when managers/shareholders would give me work to do and started putting check marks as I would complete the tasks. This has helped me be a better employee and makes my days feel more productive.

To someone just starting out in their career I would say it is normal to get overwhelmed, you just have to be patient with yourself; even after six months there is still so much more to learn. Ask a lot of questions to make sure you understand clearly what you have to do, and always be ready to write down notes!