Ryan Kandt

Ryan is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan – Dearborn. He graduated with the 150 credits required for CPA certification as an accounting and finance double major.

Day 1

What drew me to C&M was the international business focus. In todays global economy, candidates must do everything they can to differentiate from competition near and far, C&M helps give you the exposure you need to global accounting issues that will make you a more attractive job applicant in the future.

Every firm says the exact same thing when you go through recruiting. C&M actually walks the walk. The people at the firm all believe in the corporate culture and will bend over backwards to help out a fellow employee.

I was most surprised by how comfortable I felt at the firm. Day 1 and  how you already feel like a contributing member of the team and a part of the C&M family.

I am looking forward most to beginning my career with C&M and learning everything that the firm and everyone in it has to offer.

One Month

My experience with C&M up to this point has been overwhelmingly positive. The transition into the C&M family is seamless and from the beginning you are welcomed in as though you’ve always been apart of the group. Whether it is something small like a shareholder knowing your name or being trusted to accomplish a larger task, the firm does everything it can to help you succeed.

I love that I enjoy going to work each day. Coming out of college you hear a lot about people dreading going to work each and every day, but I certainly have not felt even remotely like that with C&M.

My most memorable moment so far was being asked to join a client meeting with my manager and one of the shareholders to go over the work to be performed. Just getting to be a part of such a meeting helped me see and learn about some of what goes on behind the scenes and not just the tax prep grunt work.

The first month has been a lot to handle as there is with many jobs a lot thrown at you, but, overall the first month has been a great experience and I look forward to the rest of busy season and beyond.