Kaitlyn Johns

Kaitlyn Johns is a senior at Hillsdale College working toward a BA in Economics with a minor in both German and Music. Last summer she studied the German language and culture in Würzburg, Germany. This is her first internship and she is very excited for this opportunity to explore the potential career paths involving transfer pricing.

Day 1

Last semester I took a transfer pricing class at Hillsdale College with only a vague understanding of what transfer pricing was. What I learned, however, is that transfer pricing might be the perfect fit for me. In the spring I began to search for internships in this field and my professor suggested that I apply to Clayton & McKervey. I was attracted to the firm’s passion for helping those who are driven and passionate about success.

Ever since my first interview I knew that C&M would be a great place to work. The atmosphere felt light and all of the staff seemed so kind. These expectations have certainly been met during my first few days here. I find help from everyone around me and everyone seems happy that I am here.

I am looking forward to learning more and more every day, until I feel stable and comfortable enough to be more independent on various tasks.

Month 1

My first month at Clayton & McKervey has been nothing but amazing, and has exceeded my expectations many times over. While I expected to learn a lot during this internship, I could not have predicted the incredible amount of experience and education that I’ve absorbed in just one month. In just four short weeks, I have visited clients both in and out of town, attended and arranged conference calls, prepared documentation, and so much more. Every day has presented a new challenge to me and I have grown as an employee and a person as a result. Honestly, I can’t believe one month has already gone by!

My favorite part about working at C&M is the variety of people I get to meet and interact with. All of the staff here are helpful and kind, and it has been a joy to get to know them. I have particularly connected with the other interns, and I hope to maintain those connections for many years to come. Meeting and learning about various clients and their companies has also been very interesting to me. In transfer pricing, we need to learn quite a bit about a company in order to prepare good documentation for them. One moment during by time here at C&M that stands out in particular is a business trip that I attended in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had the opportunity on this trip to meet several people and learn more about our various contacts and clients and about the city of Pittsburgh. It was definitely a memorable moment for me!

Overall my time so far at C&M has been a learning experience like no other, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer holds in store for me.

Six Months

The past 6 months at C&M have gone by so quickly. Sometimes, it feels like just yesterday I started here but it also feels like I have made a home here. If I had to use one word to describe my first 6 months here, I would have to use flexibility. While that seems like a strange word to use, I think it describes my experience very well. After my summer internship ended, C&M allowed me to continue working in the transfer pricing department remotely while I finished up my last year at school. This opportunity was amazing for me, since I was able to work on the projects I had started in the summer, and continue to gain experience and further my career. I can’t thank the firm enough for giving me this flexibility so I can continue working, even 2 hours away at Hillsdale College.

Time management is certainly the most valuable skill that I’ve mastered during these 6 months. I thought I was good at time management before joining C&M, but working remotely while juggling a full school schedule really tested this skill. While it was tough at times to manage everything I had going on, I learned and developed new techniques to manage my time and C&M gave me the opportunity to figure it all out.

For someone that is just starting out in their career, I would advise them to talk and network with absolutely everyone you meet. You never know who you might meet, and what opportunities might arise from it. For instance, I learned about C&M from one of my professors at Hillsdale who happened to previously work for the transfer pricing principle here, Alex Martin. If I had never met or talked to that professor, who knows where I would be right now? But I’m certainly glad I ended up here!