Jim Gass

Jim is a Graduate of Albion College Gerstacker Business Institute with a major in Accounting CPA emphasis.

Day 1

I was first attracted to Clayton & McKervey in 2014 during their summer Reach Beyond program. As a student that experience was my first insight into the professional accounting world. The two day program was an introduction to the positive relationship the firm has with their clients and the fun environment in which the employees worked. I spent the summer of 2015 as an intern with C&M’s assurance team and am now back, this 2016 summer, as a new hire. My first day as a new hire has brought back the memories of my training last summer. I was surprised as everything I had learned last summer came back to memory almost instantly after being back into the firm’s cloud system.

I am looking forward to building on the knowledge and experience I gained last summer and improving my performance to help myself pass the CPA exam as soon as possible.

Month 1

My experience in my first month back at C&M has been wonderful.  I am surprised at myself for how much of the work has come right back to memory from last summer.  However, I still manage to learn more about the accounting industry everyday on the job.   

The best part of working at C&M is the people that I get to work with.  Everyone on the assurance team is helpful in guiding me toward a path of personal growth.  Another great reason that my first month back has been a great experience is the firm’s relationship with the clients that I have since been involved with.  Working for clients that sincerely appreciate and value the work that you do is a satisfying feeling.

A particularly memorable moment was a first year/new hire outing in Royal Oak that was planned by the firm.  This outing was a great experience to relate to fellow employees outside of the normal C&M environment.  Another memory from this first month that jumps out was playing for the softball team in a winning double header game.  Overall my first month has been all fun and exciting memories, made better with good company.

Six Months

My first 6 months have been challenging yet rewarding. I have had the opportunity to continue to learn and grow within my team, while developing relationships with not only other C&M employees, but also with the clients whose businesses I have been involved with. I have also enjoyed going to various training sessions to help develop my knowledge and understanding of the accounting world.

Recently, I have been traveling to various clients – some of which were outside of Michigan, throughout the Midwest. The opportunity to travel and build my confidence through client facing and first-hand experience in the field has been worthwhile and enjoyable.  Traveling has also allowed me to further develop relationships with my fellow assurance team members and has been very fun so far!

Without knocking my school (as Albion College prepared me for the post grad life better than I could have hoped for) I have learned more about the field of accounting and corporate life/business/interactions in general, over my first 6 months of work experience than in my past few years in undergrad.

I am excited to continue to see our firm grow and change within the next 6 months and am so grateful to be part of such a great community and organization.