Colleen Godlewski

Week 1

I was initially attracted to C&M upon researching what the company was all about after I saw the job posting. It seemed like a great fit for me because of the core values that are represented and meeting and interviewing with the HR & administrative team totally reassured that they live up to their core values.

During my first week, I was very excited and nervous but had high expectations and the firm did not let me down. Everyone was welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I never felt as though I had to hesitate to ask questions because everyone is so helpful and wants to make sure that you’re learning things the proper way. Usually adjusting to a new environment is difficult for me, but by the end of my first week I was feeling very relaxed and confident that this was the right position for me.

The most surprising thing during my first week, was the open door policy that the firm has. Often times, individuals at the senior level do not bother to interact with most staff but that is not the case at C&M. Everyone is truly willing to help and wanting to get to know you.

I am most looking forward to getting to know all of my co-workers and learning the in’s and out’s of the administrative aspects of the firm!

Month 1

So far my experience here at C&M has been great, this past month has gone by very quickly but I feel as though I have learned a lot and I am excited to continue to learn more throughout busy season.

The thing that I like most about working here is the atmosphere. I feel comfortable asking questions when I’m not sure of something and everyone is still more than willing to help out when I’m unsure of something. Everyone continues to be welcoming and it does not feel like a typical office atmosphere. It feels as though you’re trusted and your suggestions are appreciated.

I’ve had many moments that I’ve felt have been memorable, learning how to convert financial statements have been the most memorable because I’ve finally felt confident with the process that I have implemented and I feel as though I finally have a good flow. Settling into my new permanent desk has also been great because I get to know everyone in the other half of the office.

Overall, my first month here has been fantastic. I don’t wake up to my alarm every morning and drag myself into work; I’m actually excited to get my day started and to get in and finish some work and learn new things.

Month 6

The past 6 months at C&M have been fantastic! I am lucky to have such a supportive administrative team. They have helped make the transition into my position very smooth.

I think the most valuable skill that I’ve mastered is learning formatting on financial statements. I came from a position where the financials were automatically generated and diving into actually formatting them myself has helped me understand more of the depth that goes into completing and processing a financial statement.

If there’s any advice I could lend it would be to ask all the questions that you can and learn from your mistakes. It’s the only way that you truly progress and gain confidence in your position.