Dan Hayley

Week 1

I was attracted to C&M primarily because I would be able to work in a public accounting firm and still achieve a good work life balance. Since starting one week ago I found that not only am I able to have a solid work-life balance but everyone in the firm is extremely kind and helpful. It feels really good coming into work every day knowing that I have a support system if I have any questions.

What probably surprised me the most when I arrived was how everyone wanted me to feel welcomed. I’ve always heard of CPA firms being “cut throat” and everyone fending for themselves, but at C&M everyone wants you to do your best and succeed through training and coaching.

I am looking forward to developing my skills and making new connections here at C&M.

Month 1

I’ve been with C&M for a month, which is crazy because it feels as if my first day was just last week! So far my experience here with C&M has been nothing but positive. The amount of support other staff and senior staff provide is just phenomenal! Anytime I have a question there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

With that being said, I have to say that is what I like best about working here at C&M. I have held a few internships where I found myself dreading the time to ask for assistance with the fear of bothering fellow employees. With just a few months working here it is easy to see that everyone really wants to help you grow and succeed as a professional, they understand that if you are a new you aren’t going to know everything. From my last journal, I will have to add that I am still impressed with the positive attitude everyone maintains while working here.

A particularly memorable moment for me would be when I was struggling through a difficult return the senior on the job was very helpful and did not mind spending extra time walking through my issues with me and made sure that I understood what we have done before they left me. This was an amazing moment, because not only did I receive their undivided attention but I also felt that they truly wanted me to understand what was happening rather than just giving me the answer.

Overall, my first month at C&M has been amazing, and I love being part of such an amazing community of professionals! In just this one month of working here I am stunned by the amount of information I have learned and how well I adapted to daily duties. I cannot to see what the future has in store for me, here at C&M.