Ben Finzel

Week 1

I was born and raised in Saginaw and got my Bachelor’s in accounting from Alma College.

The thing that attracted me to Clayton & McKervey was the environment of the firm. When I visited last year it seemed like a place full of people who enjoyed coming to work every day. So far C&M has been exactly that. Training has been very beneficial, and everyone in the office has reached out and been friendly. People are happy to be here and eager to help if you have any questions.

The things I’m looking forward to most are getting to know everyone in the office better, and learning more about the field so that I can contribute to the firm.

Month 1

After a month of working at C&M I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. The job itself continues to get better as I learn more about the clients I’m working with and the service I’ll be helping to provide.

As a new hire, my favorite thing about the firm is the willingness of the seniors and managers to answer questions. Being new to a job is challenging, but at C&M that process is made simpler by the helpfulness of coworkers.

Having the opportunity to help draft an article for the company website is probably the most memorable thing I’ve done so far. The article centered on providing guidance on the new tax law, so to contribute on something that will be published on behalf of the firm for the benefit of clients is exciting.

Overall, the first month has been very rewarding. As busy season approaches I look forward to continuing to learn new things and grasping concepts that will help clients and progress my career.