Vicky Liu

Vicky Liu

Week 1

When I looked at the firm website, I was attracted by its diversified and open culture, which made Clayton & McKervey so unique and impressive in providing all round services to international companies. Actually this was quite true when I visited the firm and worked here for one week.

Besides, I really appreciate that there was a breakfast welcome party especially for me on my first day. And people from different departments came to introduce themselves, which made me feel comfortable to this new environment.

My first week passed so quickly and was filled with a series of training I needed. The firm has established a detailed plan for new employees on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, which is definitely beneficial for our career development. My co-workers are nice, knowledgeable and professional. It is great to know that they are ready to help people whenever questions arise. I am so happy to join this family and look forward to work with these talented people and learn from the tax team.

Month 1

I cannot believe that one month has passed. Although it is a little bit slow after the October 15 deadline, I am still learning by conducting tax research, preparing marketing materials and drafting articles about hot tax topics. I really enjoy doing these kinds of projects, which are quite similar to what I worked on when I was employed by the Big Four. Doing the tax research also helps me keep up to date on the tax reform that takes place outside of the US, which would impact US nationals and companies in the global mobility arena. The experience helps me understand international tax better from a different perspective.

What I like the most about working at C&M is the environment. The people working here make C&M a wonderful workplace. They are smart, kind and willing to share their knowledge with others. The people I work with give me feedback quickly so that I know how to make improvements in the future.

Overall, my experience with C&M is positive. I am looking forward to my future with the firm and I am happy to come to the office every day.

Month 6

It was my very first busy season in C&M. If I could describe the past months at C&M in one word, I would use “organized”. Everyone was super busy with their schedule during the busy season, however, everything was kept under control and organized. C&M had initiated the long term schedule early before the start of the busy season, allowing everyone to be clear of their own schedule. C&M would have weekly meeting to make adjustments so that people can work with balanced workload. Even some projects came in the last minute, we have been noticed of the status so there would be no surprises.

I have had a lot of work exposure during the busy season and have had the opportunity to work on diversified projects with knowledgeable colleagues—helping to sharpen my technical skills. The people in C&M are ready to help and share even when they are busy. If I could describe the most valuable skill I have mastered, I would say work and communicating efficiently, which has helped reduce extra time spent due to a potential misunderstanding or delayed communication.

For people who would like to start out in their career in CPA firm, I would strongly recommend joining the right firm with the right people. It is the people of the firm who really make the difference in your career.