Travis Smith

Week 1

I was born in Michigan and have lived here most of my life. I am a graduate of Central Michigan University and in my free time I enjoy snowboarding, SCUBA diving and camping.

C&M first caught my attention with how high quality their work environment is. This includes both the office and my coworkers. All of my colleagues have been extraordinarily helpful with any questions I had. Starting any job can be stressful. So, the support of excellent people has been extremely appreciated. The other aspect that makes the work environment so exemplary is the workspace. The workspace is, in my opinion, the perfect blend of professional and comfortable, creating an area where employees can be both comfortable and productive.

I had high hopes coming in for my first day and I have not been disappointed. The staff are friendly and helpful. It has only been a week, but I am excited to come into work each day.

The thing that surprised me the most was how much I was able to learn in just the week I have been here. I was not able to take time to get an internship at C&M before I started working. So, I was starting at the ground floor, but C&M’s training process has helped me make great strides very quickly.

I am most looking forward to seeing how much I can grow and develop at C&M. I have already learned so much and C&M’s focus on professional development makes me extremely excited for my future here.

Month 1

My experience so far has been excellent! Everyone has been extremely helpful while I adjust to a new skillset. I didn’t do an internship before graduating. So, the learning curve has been very steep. Although, the staff at C&M have made it so that the initial adjustment period was as smooth as possible.

The thing I like best about working at C&M is the culture. C&M has found a way to make working here work for employees. All of the policies provide the maximum benefit to employees while still ensuring productivity.

One particularly memorable moment was when I started working on my first client work. It was thrilling knowing that I was actually creating information for a real company. This was also intimidating, because there was no answer key to check my answer against.

Overall, my first month has been great. I have been able to learn so much and really practice my new skills while still being supported by the knowledge and experience of my colleagues. I am very excited to see what my future at C&M holds!

Month 6

The one word I would use to describe my last 6 months would be invaluable. I have gotten the chance to learn so much and had the opportunity to advance my skills in a way that college couldn’t provide. The firsthand experience has been invaluable to me and my personal growth.

I think the most valuable skill that I have mastered is being able to  communicate more clearly with coworkers. C&M’s use of QBQ ideas has really opened my eyes to the hazards of unclear communication.

The advice I would give to someone just starting out is to ask plenty of questions. I don’t think I realized how much growing I would have to do when I first arrived. Thankfully, everyone here has been extremely helpful and willing to share their knowledge. Your coworkers have accumulated a wealth of experience over their careers. Don’t be afraid to use it!