Sriram Sridhar

Week 1

I am studying my master’s in Business Analytics at Michigan State University and currently doing my summer internship as a Data Analyst Intern at Clayton & McKervey. Based on my research, even though the work might be challenging, C&M offers one of the best work places and I could get a taste of it when I came here for my interview.  One thing that stood out in C&M was that people were very friendly and easily approachable whenever I required clarifications (work or personal). Right from the leadership, everyone was welcoming and interested in the work that I will be doing this summer as this is the first of a kind opportunity that the firm is exploring in the field of analytics.

I will be looking forward to perform to the best of my potential and help the firm set up an analytical base so that decision making can be backed by data. During this journey, I would like to learn on how this particular domain operates and how analytics can be integrated with this business.

Month 1

One month has gone by like a minute, it just feels like I just started. The month has been exciting, challenging and I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of people. The best thing about C&M is that the people are approachable and will patiently clarify the doubts I come up with. The company as a whole always lends it’s ear to the employees and that is one thing that stood out. Each day has been a unique learning experience and I would like to say that the past month has been wonderful. My first month at C&M has been nothing short of excellent. I have started to work on some exciting projects and really looking forward to contributing to the best of my potential to drive analytics in the firm.