Sierra Hazard

Week 1

Hello! My name is Sierra Hazard and I am an incoming junior at Albion College. I am an Accounting major, CPA emphasis. I live in an Ann Arbor and spend most of my time with summer commuting to and from work ☺ All jokes aside, in my free time I like spending time with friends, going for weekend getaways with my family and attending my weekly Zumba class. On campus I hold executive board positions in my social sorority, business fraternity, Union Board, and am actively involved in a bunch of other umbrella organizations.

What was it about C&M that attracted you in the first place?
What attracted me most to Clayton & McKervey was the amount of support I felt from the staff in the office. Throughout my interview process, I was reassured over and over again that I would have constant assistance from my co-workers with anything I was working on. The amount of hands-on experience I was going to have at C&M was very important to me while I learn more about working at an accounting firm. I was promised to work on several projects with many clients throughout the summer which has proven to be true being that it is my second week and I’ve already been out on three days of field work! I was attracted to this internship at Clayton & McKervey because this wasn’t going to be a ‘coffee run, scan papers’ kind of internship… This was real work-life experience.

 Is C&M what you expected? Why or why not?
To be honest, C&M has been even better to work for than what I expected. I was nervous about showing up on my first day and being thrown into a hectic work environment forced to figure things out on my own. This couldn’t be farther than the truth. Everyone in the office has been incredibly friendly and more than willing to help me with anything that I am working on. There is no one in the office I feel uncomfortable approaching. The tight-knit, family environment has been a pleasant surprise.

Was there anything that surprised you?
Something that surprised me coming into this internship was the amount of continuous mentoring that takes place in the office. Even employees who have worked for C&M for several years still routinely meet with their Buddies and Real Time Coaches. I appreciate the ongoing mentoring provided to all levels of staff in the office.

What are you looking forward to most?
I am most looking forward to making professional connections and relationships with my co-workers that I carry on this me in my professional career long after this internship. I am taking advantage of the endless networking connections available to me at this firm and am seeking any ability to learn from my superiors.