Week 1

My name is Rosemary Hayes and I recently graduated from Grand Valley State University a degree in accounting. I plan to go back for my fifth year to obtain 150 credits which will allow me to get my CPA.

I first met with C&M at my college’s pre-recruitment night, and I was originally interested in them because of their friendly atmosphere. The recruiters focused more on getting to know me rather than overloading me with questions, and this really stood out. I fell in love with C&M as soon as I came to the office.

C&M has been more than what I expected. During the interview process I was able to speak with a handful of managers and senior accountants, but I was unsure if I would get that opportunity during my internship. Being an intern at C&M last summer and again this summer, I’m certain that this is possible and it’s encouraged!

I was surprised how prepared C&M was for the interns. You’re given a schedule on your first day with agenda for the next two weeks which includes training information, meetings with your supervisor, buddy check-ins, etc.! The firm really tries to acclimate you as soon and as easily as possible.

Because this will be my second internship with C&M, I’m most looking forward to continue building relationships with co-workers and clients. I want to apply what I learned last summer and have an even better experience this time around!

Month 1

After being back at the firm for a month, the first thing I noticed is that it feels like it’s only been a week. Time flies when you’re auditing employee benefit plans! So far my experience has been great. As a second-year intern I’ve been given more responsibility, including the opportunity to speak to client’s one-on-one, coordinate the intern projects, and work a few leadership events hosted in-office by C&M.

The best part about working at C&M is the ability to branch out. In the beginning of the internship you meet with your supervisor to discuss your goals and what you’d like to accomplish throughout the internship. One of my goals was to see what it was like in other departments and to get a chance to work on different types of audits. Since then, I’ve been able to go out to lunch with a senior in a different department and do my first inventory count at a client.

The most memorable moment so far was a firm outing in Detroit. A lot of interns, staff, and seniors went out and got lunch/dinner and had a lot of fun! Overall, my first month has been better than what I expected. C&M really aims to work around your life so it’s easy to balance life outside of work and the internship. I’m excited for the next months to come!