Reise Wilsher

Week 1

Reise WilsherHi! My name is Reise Wilsher. I am currently at junior at Grand Valley State working as an assurance intern for the winter of 2021. This is my first accounting internship, so I’m excited to learn all that I can during this experience. In my free time, I love to listen to music, take pictures, and travel anywhere that I can.  When I was at Reach Beyond in the summer of 2019, I felt extremely comfortable. I was so nervous walking into the doors but that seemed to go away as soon as the program started. Everyone was super friendly and willing to talk to you about anything. I still remember some of the conversations that I had.

C&M is very much what I expected. It is still the same comfortable environment that I experienced during Reach Beyond. Everyone is extremely friendly and eager to answer any questions that I have. They are also understanding of the overwhelming nature of being a new employee and remote work, which I think is rare in the business world and makes a new space that much more welcoming. I was really surprised by the style of the meetings. I guess from what I’ve seen/experienced in movies and real life, I expected them to be very cut and dry, only focusing on the topic at hand. Every meeting so far has started out with casual conversation and a little bit sprinkled throughout. It makes me more receptive to the information because it doesn’t feel so “corporate.” This is not to say that the meetings aren’t professional, just more personable, and relatable.

I’m looking forward to really learning about the clients that I’m on and seeing the audit process in its entirety. I already started working on a few things for an audit at the end of my first week, so continuing to dive right in will be exciting.