Pooja Ramesh

Week 1

Hello, My name’s Pooja and I’m a current graduate student at Wayne State University pursing Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics. I’m a Data Analyst Intern at C&M for Summer 2020. You read it right – C&M provided an opportunity for students like me during the unprecedented times of COVID-19.

While globally COVID-19 has challenged many employers to adjust to remote work, to adapt budgets to reflect the current reality – cutting back on hiring, the recruitment team at C&M has made seamless efforts to transition to an all-virtual hiring model. The firm’s culture attracted me the most to work for C&M. I was excited to learn that right from the leadership team, everyone here has been so welcoming, approachable and are willing to help wherever they can. I look forward to a rewarding Summer at C&M – making new connections through this internship and using data to improve operations at the firm.

Month 1

Firstly, I can’t believe that a month has gone by. The past month’s experience has been exhilarating—being a data analyst is essentially having a job as a detective, a modern day Sherlock Holmes! No two projects I’ve been working on are the same. This challenging element has paved for me an amazing opportunity to expand my skillset and knowledge each day. One of my favorite things about working at Clayton & McKervey is the growth opportunity you gain as an individual. They don’t expect us to know everything right away, the firm is always willing to invest in the best of the technical skill training (in-house or academy based). Data science provides an enormous scope and potential to improve daily operations across a wide variety of sectors. I’m excited to think about C&M’s future where data-driven decisions become more of a commonplace across the firm.