Kristina Astapchyk

Week 1

I am a junior at Grand Valley State University, majoring in accounting and finance. I was very excited to start my internship at Clayton & McKervey this winter. During the fall recruitment, I learned that C&M helps many international firms expand to the US. Coming from another country myself, I like learning about different cultures and the way people do business around the world. Another aspect of the firm that attracted me was the positivity of the employees. Starting the first day, I was a little bit nervous, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that all my worries went away. Everyone at the firm would gladly answer your questions even when they have other work to do. I am very excited to begin fieldwork soon, meet more people, and learn how to apply accounting principles in real world situations.

Month 1

I cannot believe that it has already been a month since I started my internship at C&M. During such a short period of time, I got to work on different types of projects starting from audits to tax returns. Even though I had tons of questions while working on the projects, everyone at the firm was so helpful.

My favorite part about working at C&M is going to fieldwork. I really enjoy going to different clients and learning about their business processes. Besides that, I enjoy getting to know people I work with. One of the most memorable moments that I had so far was seeing welding machines at the client’s facility. Overall, it has been a great month at C&M and I am looking forward to learning more about the clients I will be working with and improving my professional skills.