Greg Karna

Master of Science in Accounting from Walsh College, Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University

I was attracted to C&M after chatting with some employees at a meet & greet held on campus. Everyone was genuine and tried to make a connection with you whether it be on a personal or professional level. They take an interest in your career goals and want to help you achieve them so you get the most out of your career.

The firm has been everything I expected so far. All levels of the firm, from the president to staff members, all encourage you to ask questions and focus more on the learning process rather than the amount of work completed.

I was surprised with the firm’s use of cloud technology and how streamlined all of the applications are. They are on the cutting edge which makes all of our jobs a little bit easier.

I am looking forward to starting work on multiple engagements ranging from tax return preparation to reviews and becoming a business advisor to our clients, not just an accountant.

Month 1

I can’t believe a month has already gone by since I started here at C&M. It has been a great experience so far working with many different managers and shareholders. You really get to learn a lot about the personalities of each team member and how they like to approach each engagement. You also get to learn the nuances of each client which gives you a lot of variety from day to day.

I think the best part about working at C&M are the people. Everyone is willing to help you no matter what question you have. The team has great communication skills and are always updating you on internal and external matters. They also provide timely feedback for things you did well on during an engagement as well as constructive feedback to help better yourself for the next engagement.

A few memorable moments have to be going out to client sites for fieldwork. During one visit to a client site, I was able to sit down with the controller and make inquiries and request additional information. I was not expecting that face to face interaction with a client so early in my career and it shows C&M’s commitment to building relationships throughout the firm.

Overall, my first month has been a great learning process. I have been getting into the groove of busy season and grasping concepts that I was unaware of as of my start date. I am looking forward to new challenges as my career progresses.