Ethan Zwick

Ethan ZwickWeek 1

I currently attend Wayne State University as a Junior, and am hoping to Receive my CPA and masters in accounting.

What attracted me to C&M in the first place was the outgoing and friendly nature that everyone from the firm shared.  C&M is somewhat different than I expected. Coming in as an Intern with limited knowledge had me thinking that I would be treated as a burden to some. This is not the case at C&M, as everyone is so willing to give help and advice. The guidance and support for my growth from coworkers has made C&M such a comfortable and positive environment so far.

What surprised me was the amount of training and knowledge available to new employees. I had a feeling that I would be thrown into the job and expected to learn on my own, as most jobs I have held have been. This is not the case. There is hands on training with much guidance from very helpful and patient individuals throughout the company.

I am looking forward most to learn more in depth about things that I have been studying in school. I am also excited to contribute to the firm in any way that I can to help during this unique tax season.