Emma Schiefelbein

Michigan CPA Firm

Week 1

I graduated from Albion College in May of 2018 and recently began working for Clayton & McKervey in the FDI department. While I have only been at C&M for one week, I am already learning real world applications to the accounting concepts I studied at school. Since day one, everyone at the firm has been very friendly and welcoming. Everyone I have worked with throughout the training process thus far has been extremely informative, patient, and willing to help me learn.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow in this exciting and positive environment. One thing I found attractive, while learning about C&M, was the international aspect of the firm. I have always been interested in accounting and international business. Therefore, I am looking forward to the unique experience ahead of me.

Month 1

I can’t believe how quickly my first month has gone by! I feel as though I have learned so much and it has only been four weeks of exposure. I have already had the opportunity to contribute to client work. I think this month has been a perfect balance of opportunities for me to contribute to meaningful work while still learning from the more experienced staff. Every day I experience a new challenge and every day I am feeling more comfortable in my position. One thing that I really enjoy about C&M is the positive work environment. Everyone has been inclusive and willing to help, especially my team. I look forward to working with them every day. I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead and to see how much I can learn in the next few months!

Month 6

If I could describe the past 6 months in one word, it would be GROWTH: both in technical skill and as a professional in the field of accounting. Clayton & McKervey has offered me a positive environment to learn the technical skills necessary for a staff as well as giving me opportunities to grow my confidence in a professional setting. Each month, I continue to see improvement in my performance and I look forward to continuing to improve for the firm.

One valuable skill that I think I have improved on, and plan to continue improving, is adapting to new situations and staying positive during these situations. Growth comes from identifying new situations, learning from them, and use that as a base knowledge going forward. Throughout any career, you will continue to be faced with new situations. Being open to new situations, however, is the best way to learn from them.

Advice I would give someone starting is their career is to take every opportunity to ask questions and learn as much as you can. I still have questions and always will have questions, but I feel like I am developing a solid base of knowledge to work from. Everyone I have had the opportunity to work with at Clayton & McKervey has been more than willing to help me learn, so take advantage of that opportunity.