Emma Bednarczyk

I am currently enrolled at Eastern Michigan University in the Accounting – 150 hour program. I just finished the undergraduate portion of the program in December 2017 and will start the graduate portion in the summer after my internship. I plan to graduate with my Master’s degree in April of 2019, after which I will sit for my CPA exam.

I was attracted to C&M because of the culture of the firm which I attribute to both the smaller size of the firm and the wonderful people. The first people from C&M I engaged with were the recruiters, who were very eager to answer any questions I had and were very easy to talk to. After attending C&M’s summer leadership program, Reach Beyond, I found that a welcoming and friendly attitude was something that everyone at the firm possessed. I did not feel intimidated walking into the office like I did at other firms. I loved that everyone in the firm knows each other, even on different teams. It really felt like a family atmosphere.

After completing my first week as an intern, I would say that it was pretty much what I expected mostly because I had met a lot of the C&M team at Reach Beyond. The only thing I was a little surprised by was the level of inclusion I felt just as an intern. I really felt like a part of the team, rather than nonessential personnel. I am really looking forward to forming relationships with the people I work with and with clients.

Month 1

Overall, my first month at C&M has been a positive experience. I’ve had the chance to work on all different types of projects and work with many different people and I’ve really come to value the experience I am getting here.

My favorite thing to do is go to fieldwork at a client’s office because we get to see how they do business and also get valuable face time with the client. Another fun part about fieldwork is being able to get lunch with the people you are on the project with and get to know them more.

One particularly memorable moment I’ve had in my internship so far was my first day out at fieldwork. Since it was both mine and Charles’ first time at our client, we got to take a tour of their factory floor and see how they made their famous chocolate covered sea salt caramels. My favorite part about working at C&M is the one of a kind experience I am getting between the wide variety of projects and the great people I get to work with every day.