Demetrius Nabors

Week 1

I was born and raised in Detroit. Fall 2018, I graduated with a Master’s in accounting from Oakland University.

What attracted me to Clayton & McKervey was the staff. The interaction at recruiting events felt genuine and their enthusiasm about the firm was amazing. Working here has met my expectations due to continued enthusiasm seen here. One of things that have surprised me is the culture of the firm, from the president down to the staff, welcoming me with open arms. I’m looking forward to developing my skills while making connections at the firm.

Month 6

If I could describe the past six months in one word, the one word that’s constant is growth. From the time I’ve started up until now I have encountered many complex situations. The tax team has been amazing, patient, supportive, and willing to help in any capacity! The knowledge and experience I’ve gained is priceless.

The most valuable skill I have mastered is time management. As a tax accountant we jump in and out of projects requiring agility. Managing responsibilities ranging from submitting your time to meetings with upper level staff requires one to have a system in place.

The advice I would give someone just starting out in public accounting is writing out a plan for the CPA exam, work, and life. Transitioning from school to a career will require patience so if you can knock out the exam before starting work then do so. If not, try to complete it within your first year. Overall, develop a strategy, make adjustments and everything will be fine.