Carolyn Schweiger

Week 1

Hey there, I’m Carolyn! I am from Richmond, MI and I will be graduating from Oakland University this fall!

What was it about C&M that attracted you in the first place?
When C&M came to OU for our weekly meetings, I was attracted to them for the presentation that they gave. They talked a lot about caring about their workers and work-life balance which is very important to me.

Is C&M what you expected?
On my first day, everyone was very nice and welcoming, which calmed my nerves for the start of my internship. It was just what I had expected from them.

Was there anything that surprised you?
I was surprised how easy it was for me to feel comfortable around the team here. No one makes you feel left out.

What are you looking forward to most?
I am looking forward to making new connections through this internship and learning a lot about assurance during the summer time.

Month 1

The experience here has been great! Everyone is very nice and welcoming and treats us like we are already apart of the staff. We all tend to eat together in the java sea and catch up with everyone over lunch. The best is the experience we are getting here because we would not be this exposed to this work anywhere else. I am learning about stuff that I knew little information about, and I already know much more about it. The first month has been good in aspects of relationships with colleagues, learning new material, and helping me figure out my future career path!