Bernardo Pratama

Week 1

Currently working on my undergrad at Walsh College. I like fast cars, skateboarding, and basically anything that involves sweet jumps.

What first drew me to Clayton & McKervey was the fact that they specialized in international tax. The idea of international tax sounded a bit intimidating at first, but then looked at it as an opportunity to learn something that most other firms didn’t offer. Challenge accepted!

From my first run in with C&M at an on campus meet-and-greet, all the way through the gauntlet of interviews with some of their top dogs, I felt comfortable with every engagement. I was hoping these encounters were an accurate representation of what it was like to work here, and it was spot on! Everyone here is so friendly. I’ve never had such a welcoming first week at any other place.

However, the one thing caught me off guard the most was the accounting software. I felt like an artist trying to use Photoshop for the very first time. It was nothing like anything I had done before. Fortunately this is what they expect, and are providing some in depth training. Again, awesome people!

My first week here at C&M has been great! Up until now, I’ve only experienced accounting in a classroom setting. I’m definitely looking forward to stepping out and seeing what it’s like in the real world!

Month 1

My first month at Clayton & McKervey went by too fast! It felt like a spring break vacation, you don’t remember much, but pretty sure it was a good time. The first couple of weeks contained so much new material. It was hard to remember it all, but once I started to get my hands on some real work, flashbacks from the prior weeks sparked and things became easier with a bit of practice.

From providing the vast amounts of training and practice, a fully stocked kitchen, and having access to many monitors as I want, C&M provides all the tools necessary needed to get the job done and then some. I don’t have to fight to get post-it notes here. That’s pretty much my favorite part.

So far, I can say it has been pretty alright. I already know I’m going to miss this place come spring. I’ve gained experience that I could never have gotten from sitting in a classroom. Going back to being a student is not going to be an easy transition. I much prefer being an intern and getting paid to learn, than being a student and having to pay to learn.