Amber Dixon

Amber was born and raised in Michigan, where she attended the Wayne State University’s Mike Illitch School of Business. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting.

Week 1

It is such a honor to be called an Intern here at Clayton & McKervey! The staff are amazingly kind, welcoming, and helpful. I was mostly attracted to C&M because of their family like culture. From the beginning of the New Hire process I have felt “at home” with the individuals I have encountered. I would say I was most surprised at how everyone at the company knew my name and wanted to make us all feel comfortable

When I first received the offer from C&M I was thrilled, excited, and looking forward to the experience. At first I was unsure what to expect because this was my first internship, but I knew I would enjoy being a part of a growth driven company. From day one C&M has exceeded my expectations! On the first day we were welcomed with handshakes and smiles. Training has been very informative and the quality of training is very thorough. Starting off I felt discouraged at the information overload, but anyone from Shareholders to Staff Accountants have been more than helpful. I am looking forward to going out and learning how to audit different clients. I most importantly look forward to enhancing my knowledge and growing with C&M.

Month 1

Over the past month here at Clayton & McKervey, I have learned so many new things about the company. For example, C&M takes pride in the security and privacy of our client’s personal/confidential information. Obviously, most companies do, but not like C&M. We are using top of the line anti-phishing, anti-virus, anti-data breaching, cloud base software that will leave any client feeling safe and secure with our services. This is a cool company to be a part of! Also, I had no idea how much I would enjoy fieldwork; going out to clients to show them we care and take pride in the services we provide for them is always an awesome learning experience. If anyone asked me what I like best about working at C&M, I would have to say the people. Everyone is very nice and helpful, even after a month the people I have encountered are still just as kind as the first day I met them. Being comfortable with your co-workers is very important in order to thrive and be successful at any place of work.

Overall, my first month has been amazing and I look forward to many more to come.