Alec Gula

Born and raised in Michigan, attending Western Michigan University for a Bachelors in Accountancy.

What made me most interested in Clayton & McKervey was the global aspects of their client base and work. With a variety of different clients in a broad range of industries, Clayton and McKervey seemed to accomplish a great deal in the international business world. Working in the global business world was something that I have wanted to do since high school.

C&M is a whole lot more than I ever could have expected. I went in with high expectations about C&M, from what I saw online C&M was a mid-sized firm with global reach and recognition. But after I started, C&M does a lot more than advertised online. From the welcoming attitude of everyone to the dedicated work ethic.

The most surprising thing was the amount of clients that C&M has relative to their size. Working at mid-sized companies in the past has made me accustomed to dealing with either one off or long-term vendors and suppliers, and after working for a short while here I have been blown away at both the sheer amount and the amount of returning client base.

I am looking forward to how the different teams here at C&M work together. My first week was already eye-opening as I saw different teams from all different positions meeting together and coming to an understanding without anyone being left out.

Month 1

My first month at C&M has been going really well. I have been travelling to an assortment of different and unique clients over the past month that has been going great. I really enjoy working on the different clients, each with their own unique way of running their business.

Something surprising for me was how diverse the work is that I have been doing. From past experience and listening to friends who worked in the field, an intern will work on one project or one area and not be given any sort of decision over what they work on, or who. That is not the case here.

From the variety of work I have been doing I have to say my most memorable moment at C&M was when there was a member of each department all working together to finish work on a client and the amount of teaching and learning that was happening between everyone.