International Business Tips

Posted by Tim Hilligoss on May 7, 2019

Tim Hilligoss

More and more companies today are venturing into the waters of international business. While the potential rewards of global trade are great, so are the potential risks.One of the biggest risks lies in not understanding the distinct cultural subtleties and nuances that exist from one country to the next.

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How to Respond to the US-China Trade Friction

Posted by Nina Wang and Tim Hilligoss on January 29, 2019

The year of 2018 was essential to the world’s two greatest trading nations:  the United States and China. Throughout 2018, the Trump administration proposed and launched a series of policies imposing additional duty rates on a wide range of products imported from China. China retaliated immediately by publishing a list of products imported from US as targets for an additional 25% tariff. This trade friction is sweeping worldwide and has significant impacts on businesses.

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