Tax Reform Benefits for Corporate Exporters

Posted by Sue Tuson on April 24, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created a deduction for Foreign-Derived Intangible Income (FDII). The name of this deduction is misleading, it is actually a deduction against qualifying export income after a routine rate of return.

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Basics of an IRS Audit

Posted by Sue Tuson on February 2, 2018

When a taxpayer is notified by the IRS for a tax return audit, the first reaction may be panic or fear. Understanding the audit process …

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Cross-Border Taxation Update

Posted by Sue Tuson on May 25, 2017

The IRS announced 13 audit campaigns last March.  Included in the campaign is an effort to increase voluntary compliance for Form 1120-F Non-Filers.  Form …

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