To “C” or not to “C”? That is the Question

Posted by Jim Biehl on March 17, 2020

Jim Biehl

Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the higher effective tax rates as a flow-through entity, while maintaining optimum future planning flexibility, or elect to convert your flow-through entity to be taxed as a C corporation, and by doing so realize the immediate and delicious 21% “permanent” C corporation tax rate?

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Demystifying the Financial Statement

Posted by Jim Biehl on February 12, 2020

Owners spend years amassing the knowledge and experience necessary to become masters at their craft. Passion for the work and the satisfaction of helping clients is what drives them – not necessarily administrative tasks like financial accounting and reporting.

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I Bought the Building, So Now What?

Posted by Jim Biehl on August 15, 2019

Many business owners “do the math” and determine that it makes financial sense to buy the building(s) in which they operate the business, instead of continuing to rent. Generally the analysis they perform to make this decision is focused on real estate prices, current rental and interest rates, and the desire to build equity in the investment.

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