Protection From Cyber Attacks

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on February 18, 2020

In any business, security is of the essence.  An employee opening up a seemingly innocent email attachment, which isn’t what it seems on the surface, can jeopardize the entire operation. 

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Financial Analysis – Revenue By Employee

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on January 23, 2020

Senior Manager Dave Van Damme shares insights on a handful of key metrics to help business owners track financial performance. Here, he discusses revenue per employee so that business owners can better understand the relationship between revenues and costs.

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Flow-Through Entity or C Corp?

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on January 14, 2020

To 'C or not to C’—that is the question for many business owners—whether ’tis nobler to organize as a flow-through entity with future planning flexibility or convert to a C corporation with a better tax rate.  The decision may be tougher than first thought...

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Beth Butchart Promoted to Senior Manager

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on November 20, 2019

Clayton & McKervey is pleased to announce that Beth Butchart, CPA, has been promoted from Manager to Senior Manager in the firm’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) group.  The announcement was made by President Rob Dutkiewicz, CPA.

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‘Your Company’s Financial Health in an Industry 4.0 World’

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on September 26, 2019

Clayton & McKervey will present a Tech Takeover on ‘Your Company’s Financial Health in an Industry 4.0 World’ on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, at Automation Alley in Troy. The presentation will help manufacturers and system integrators better understand the financial health of their businesses in an era of advanced manufacturing and emerging Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Firm Earns Walsh College Leadership Award

Posted by Clayton & McKervey on September 18, 2019

Clayton & McKervey announced it is one of the honored recipients of the 2019 Walsh College Foundation Leadership Awards. The annual Leadership Awards Dinner recognizes business and community leaders, distinguished alumni, and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to Walsh College.

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