The Role of Data Analytics in COVID-19 Recovery

Posted by Ben Smith on June 24, 2020

Ben Smith

As more and more states begin to reopen their economy, the COVID-19 conversation is shifting from survival to recovery. Through targeted data analytics, companies can access and analyze data to drive recovery planning. Here is a summary of important details.

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Managing Cash Flow through Data Analytics

Posted by Ben Smith and Jim Biehl on June 16, 2020

Every business should regularly review cash flow and optimization opportunities to ensure the highest level of financial vitality. Maintaining a clear picture of this important metric is not only essential to effective decision making but also necessary for managing the unexpected.

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Driving Efficiency Through Data Analytics

Posted by Ben Smith on February 25, 2020

At the end of 2019, many businesses spent time evaluating performance, establishing profit and growth goals and approving budgets. There was also time spent drilling down on results to understand what was working and where changes needed to be made.

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Considering a Merger or Acquisition?

Posted by Margaret Amsden and Ben Smith on January 2, 2019

Ensure your understanding of the new tax regulations to get the most return out of your investment! Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), businesses have been impacted in multiple ways. In particular, businesses considering a transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, should be sure to discuss the following...

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