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“Our focus: Helping our clients succeed."

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“A hand-picked service team, just for you.”

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“Strategic relationships around the world.”

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“Priority number one: Earning your trust.”

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How We Help

helping clients & leveraging growth

Everything we do is done for one reason: to help our clients succeed. We use our specialized knowledge to make the very most of their opportunities for growth. We keep an ear to the ground to keep up on new and emerging markets, service areas and industries yet to be developed. We rethink conventional practices and use technology to engage in expanding communities and operate without boundaries. The entire world provides inspiration for the greater good of all our clients.

The "&" in our company name has great meaning. It symbolizes our desire to bring something extra, unexpected and invaluable to the table. We don’t consider our service approach as anything out of the ordinary. Here, going the extra mile is expected and routine.

We know tax and accounting professionals around the globe from our many business affiliations and connections. These relationships enable us to share relevant and valuable knowledge with our clients.

Having the right communication tools and technology helps us do our job more efficiently, more safely and more virtually than ever before. We might be oceans apart, but we won’t let that hinder they way we help our clients.